10 original ways to propose marriage

The marriage proposal is a moment charged with meaning and emotion. It is the moment when two people decide to take the step towards a shared life full of love and commitment. If you are looking for unique and original ways to ask this important question, from Ideal Joyeros we give you 10 creative ideas that will make your proposal unforgettable.

Treasure hunt

Our first idea is to propose through a treasure hunt. Design a series of clues to take your partner to special places in your history together. Each clue could contain a memory or a sentimental message. Eventually, the search will lead you to the place where you plan to get down on one knee and pop the question.

Message in a bottle

How about pretending to find a bottle on the shore of the beach or a nearby river? Invite your partner for a walk along the river or along one of your favourite beaches. Beforehand, ask a friend to help you prepare a bottle with a romantic message in which you ask him or her to marry you. This is an idea that can add mystery to your marriage proposal.

pedir matrimonio en botella

Unexpected scenario

Choose an unexpected setting for your proposal. It could be during a magic show, a concert of their favourite band or even in a restaurant for what seems like just another dinner. The combination of the surprise of the moment and the special atmosphere will create a magical memory.


Surprise your partner with a message in the sky. Rent a plane to write a smoky message above you. The surprise of seeing your words floating in the sky will add an epic touch to the proposal.

pedir matrimonio skywriter

Relive your first date

What do you think about reliving your first date? The first date is usually a special moment, and what better way to propose than to recreate that moment when it all began? The first date could have ended with a goodbye or a kiss. What if this time it ends with a marriage proposal?

Balloon route

For an unforgettable hot air balloon marriage proposal, first choose a special place that has meaning for your partner or your relationship. Then book the flight in advance, as balloon rides tend to fill up quickly. If you want the proposal to be a surprise, keep the flight booking a secret, perhaps saying that you are planning a weekend trip or a special activity. Prepare the proposal carefully, whether it’s an emotional speech, a letter, a poem or a song. And above all, don’t forget to bring the engagement ring with you at a special moment.

Candlelight dinner

An intimate candlelit dinner is a classic for marriage proposals. Create a romantic atmosphere where you both feel at ease and can talk about each other. After enjoying the evening of reminiscing about special moments and talking about the future, it’s the perfect time to pop the question.

Romantic Flashmob

Organise a romantic flashmob with friends and family. Surprise your partner with a special choreography that culminates in your proposal. The participation of loved ones and the effort of everyone creating the dance will create an unforgettable memory full of love.

Hire a caricaturist

A very original and totally unexpected idea would be to hire a caricaturist. Imagine this: you go for a walk with your partner and suddenly you meet the caricaturist. This artist would be in charge of creating a drawing in which you are asking your partner to marry you. The magic moment would occur when she sees the drawing and discovers the exciting surprise. That will be the moment when you get down on one knee and pop the question.

pedida de matrimonio

Tips on how to create your own original proposal

So far, we’ve explored some creative ideas that other people have used to propose to their partners. However, why not go for something even more original?

That’s why we want to give you some tips to surprise your partner in a unique way and ensure that everything goes perfectly.

  1. Start by reviewing what you know about your partner: their tastes, what are the moments that have made you happiest together and what unexpected things you could do to create a special and unforgettable moment.
  2. Create a meaningful story and context: Once you’ve gathered all this information, it’s time to weave a story that encompasses all these elements and gives meaning to the moment of the proposal. Take your time.
  3. Plan ahead: Planning is key. Imagine all possible scenarios to be prepared for any unforeseen event. Remember that this is a moment that cannot go wrong.
  4. Practice: Practice is essential to ensure that everything goes perfectly and becomes one of the most beautiful moments in the history of your relationship. You can rehearse with friends or even practice alone in front of the mirror, but the important thing is that, once the moment arrives, you have total clarity about what you should do.

Remember that every relationship is unique, so these tips are only a guide. The most important thing is that your marriage proposal reflects the love and connection you share with your partner.

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