The best ways to store and preserve luxury watches

Watches, for many people, are more than just a tool: they are a status symbol and a fashion accessory that sometimes also have an emotional value. When you buy a luxury watch, it is important to keep it in good condition so that it does not lose its value or suffer damage.

Whether you are a watch collector or just own a watch, it is advisable to follow a series of routines to keep your watch in good working order.

At Ideal Joyeros we have prepared this guide with the different essential aspects that you should take into account so that your watches are always in perfect condition.

Store watches in cases, boxes or display cases

If you have a large number of watches, it is highly recommended that you consider purchasing a case, box or display to store them in. These cases are specifically created to protect the exterior and strap of the watch from any scratches or unexpected impact.

Using this type of container is a very good idea, as watches tend to scratch easily. They also offer protection against dust and moisture, ensuring that your watches are kept in perfect condition. If you choose this option, we recommend you follow the tips below:

Always face up

When it comes to looking after your watches, it is always preferable to place them face up, no matter where you store them. Even if they are surrounded by soft materials, turning them upside down can cause damage. This is true whether you lay them flat or wrap them around a stand.

The crown as a support

In cases where it is necessary to support the watch by the crown to avoid scratching the crystal or case, choose to do so. Replacing the crown is easier and cheaper than repairing other parts of the watch.

Avoid direct contact

It is vital to leave a small space, at least one centimetre, between each watch when storing them together in a box or case to prevent scuffs and scratches. If you can, buy a dividing tray to keep them even safer.

Use of cloth and precautions with plastic

Wrapping each watch in a cloth bag is a very good idea. They are quite affordable and offer some protection against knocks and moisture. If you prefer plastic bags, don’t forget to put a sachet of silica gel in each one to combat moisture.

Maintenance on quartz watches

If you have quartz watches, pay attention to the batteries. Over time, batteries can leak acid and corrode the internal components of the watch. If you plan to store a watch for a long time, it is advisable to remove the battery first. Use a screwdriver carefully to open the watch or, preferably, leave it in the hands of a professional in a jeweller’s shop.

Importance of paperwork and packaging

Protecting the original documentation and box of your watches is crucial, especially if collecting is your hobby. A watch with its original packaging and papers is usually worth more, so make sure you keep them in a safe and known place.

Keep them moving.

Unless you own an extremely rare and valuable piece, it is advisable to take them out from time to time, wind them up and use them.

conservar relojes lujo

Avoid magnetic surfaces

Today, mechanical watches have come a long way thanks to various alloys and processes that make them resistant to magnetic interference. Despite this, many models, especially older ones, lack this kind of protection.

Magnetism is one of the main adversaries of accuracy in a watch. Placing a watch near electronic devices such as mobile phones, sound systems, televisions or any other appliance can significantly affect its performance. A watch affected by magnetism tends to run faster than normal. Therefore, if your watch is not designed to withstand magnetic fields, it is recommended that you keep it away from any electronic source.

Rotating case for automatic watches

If you are a fan of automatic watches and you have several of them, thinking about acquiring a watch winder or watch winder case can be a very wise purchase. This box will keep your watches moving, which is very important for their proper functioning. If you leave an automatic watch idle for too long, its internal parts may deteriorate, affecting its accuracy.

In addition, rotor cases are especially useful for watches with complex functions, such as those with a perpetual calendar. These watches require constant and meticulous adjustments to keep them in top condition. The rotating case will save you that effort by keeping them accurate at all times.

caja rotora relojes

But be careful, it is not good to leave a watch in the rotating case for more than a week at a time. The internal mechanisms, such as the barrel that powers the watch, need to rest from time to time to release tension and avoid wear and tear. Ideally, alternate your watches, wearing and rotating them regularly, for balance and to ensure their longevity.

Screw down the crown of the watch

It is essential, for those who own a watch water resistant to depths of more than 100 metres or diving watches, to always keep the crown securely tightened. This precaution protects the delicate internal mechanism from water infiltration, one of the main dangers for any watch.

Securing the crown is especially important in situations where sudden changes in temperature may occur. If left loose, moisture can enter and cause condensation inside the watch. Therefore, to preserve the integrity and prevent damage to your watch, remember to keep the crown screwed down at all times, especially when the watch is not in use.

High-value watch safe

It is important to keep in mind that your watch is not only a useful everyday tool, but also a significant financial asset. Luxury watches are a big investment due to their high value, so it is important to protect them in the safest place you can find.

There is a wide variety of safes designed to suit your needs and the number of watches you own. It is crucial to choose a safe that is sturdy and difficult to access. Keep your budget in mind, but remember that protecting your investment against any eventuality is priceless.

Protecting watches while travelling

When travelling and you wish to keep your luxury watches safe, consider first using the hotel safe as a security measure. It is also advisable to transport your watches in rolls, which are usually made of leather to avoid scratches. You can choose between different types, for one watch or for several. Always carry these rolls in your hand luggage, ensuring a double layer of protection and keeping your watches close by while on the move.

Saving the documentation of the watch

It is very important to take care of the paperwork that proves your watch is genuine. If you are travelling, want to protect your watch or plan to sell it, you need to have your receipt or certificate of authenticity of the watch, the paper stating that it is genuine and the warranty details to hand. Keep these documents in a safe place at home. Also, it is a good idea to have copies stored on your computer and somewhere safe on the Internet or on an external hard drive.

Periodic maintenance of the watch

mantenimiento relojes

Understanding how to care for and clean your watches is essential to ensure their durability and appearance. A very important thing to know is the water resistance level of your watch. If it is 30 metres, it is best to leave the cleaning to professionals to avoid internal damage. However, if your watch is 50 metres or more, you can carefully clean the outside of your watch yourself using a little water. However, it is recommended that you avoid exposing it to water in the shower and that you do not use conventional soap to clean it, but rather opt for more specialised products.

Once cleaning is complete, be sure to dry it thoroughly to prevent any corrosion.

Keeping these tips in mind will not only prolong the life of your watch, but will also help preserve its value and appearance. Remember, a watch is a delicate timepiece that deserves meticulous care. By following these guidelines, you will ensure its optimal functioning and preservation over time.

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