How to choose the right watch size for your wrist

Selecting the right size for a watch is something that goes beyond personal preferences or trends. The size of your wrist plays a crucial role in choosing the size of the watch case. At Ideal Jewellers we provide you with a number of details that are important in choosing the right watch size.

Case diameter

The size of a watch is measured in millimetres with reference to the diameter of the case, excluding the crown. In the case of square watches, we often first find the length, including the lugs, and then the width of the watch without the crown.

To determine the size of watch that best fits your wrist, you can measure the circumference of your wrist with a tape measure loosely.

Example of a watch with a round case

Example watch with square case

Wrist size

The size of your wrist is a determining factor in choosing the right watch size. You can easily measure the circumference of your wrist with a tape measure.

Depending on the measured circumference, we recommend the following watch sizes (case diameter):

-With a small wrist, approximately 16 cm, watches with a diameter of up to 41 mm will look perfect.

-For a medium sized wrist, around 19 cm in diameter, watches up to 44 mm in diameter will look harmonious.

-If you have a large wrist, with a circumference of more than 22 cm, oversized watches in XXL format of more than 44 mm will be a good choice to make the watch stand out on your wrist.

Height of the watch case

The perceived size of a watch is also influenced by the height of the case, which can vary significantly. Watches with a tall case tend to appear larger.

You should also be aware that watches with tall cases tend to be heavier. This is especially noticeable if you wear the watch all day long. To reduce the weight of large watches, titanium cases are often used instead of stainless steel.

Example of a watch with a titanium case

Design elements of the watch

In addition to height, the design elements of a watch are also important. Decorations on the watch case, eye-catching crowns and additional pushers, such as chronographs, tend to make a watch appear larger. The width of the lugs also influences the perception of size.

Square watches vs. round watches

When choosing the size of a watch it is also necessary to pay attention to the shape of the case, as this can give a different perspective on the size depending on whether it is square or round. Square watches often give the impression of being more masculine and larger compared to round watches. For this reason, it is advisable to choose narrower straps on square watches.

Relationship between the dial and the bezel

The relationship between the watch face and the bezel also influences the perception of size. For example, a watch with a large dial may appear larger than a watch with the same case size, but with a more prominent bezel.

Clock size over time

Throughout history, the size of watches has varied according to their functionality and purpose. Historical pilot’s watches used to be very large, with diameters up to 55 mm, to ensure legibility in challenging situations.

On the other hand, watches for everyday use were smaller, with case diameters of 31 to 33 millimetres in the 1940s. In recent years, there has been a trend towards large watches, with diameters of up to 55 mm, which have gained a loyal following.

Final tips for choosing a wristwatch

When choosing a strap for your watch, keep in mind that the optimal strap width is half the diameter of the watch case. For example, if your watch case measures 38 mm in diameter, a 19 mm strap would be ideal.

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