Collaboration between Chopard and Julia Roberts

Since 2021, the collaboration between the prestigious jewellery brand, Chopard, and the renowned actress Julia Roberts has marked a turning point in the world of fashion and sustainability.

This partnership is not limited to Roberts being the face of the brand, but goes much further, involving her directly in the design of jewellery and special collections. This synergy has benefited both parties significantly.

Chopard has seen its visibility and prestige increase by partnering with such a renowned figure as Julia Roberts. For her part, Roberts has had the opportunity to participate in jewellery design, expressing her creativity and strongly supporting the cause of sustainability in the jewellery industry.

One of the highlights of this collaboration is the work on the Insofu emerald.

The Insofu Emerald

The Insofu emerald was discovered in 2010 at the Kagem mine operated by Gemfields in Lufwanyama, Zambia. It is a 6,225 carat emerald whose name comes from the Bemba language and means “elephant” giving it a cultural and natural value of its origin.

When Chopard acquired Insofu, it did so in accordance with the standards of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), ensuring responsible sourcing that matches the brand’s commitment to sustainability. The carving process for Insofu was carried out in Chopard’s workshops in Geneva and Jaipur, the latter a place known for its rich tradition in jewellery, blending the traditional with the modern. To make this emerald even more exclusive and special, Julia Roberts was chosen for her elegance and commitment to the cause of sustainability.

Collaboration between Chopard and Julia Roberts

Chopard x Julia Roberts Collection

The collection designed in collaboration with Julia Roberts is inspired by her affinity for the colour turquoise and features the Insofu emerald at its heart. Comprising a necklace, a ring and two earrings, each piece is the result of a close design collaboration between Julia Roberts and Caroline Scheufele, co-president and creative director of Chopard. Using emeralds, turquoises and rubellites, this collection has another particularity in that it recalls the rich cultural heritage of Indian jewellery, fusing tradition with a contemporary commitment to sustainability.

One of the most iconic jewels in this collection is the rose gold ring designed in the shape of a flower. In the centre, a larger pear-cut emerald is surrounded by a halo of smaller emeralds, rubellites and turquoises that add colour to the piece.

Collaboration between Chopard and Julia Roberts
Collaboration between Chopard and Julia Roberts

The collection is further enriched by an exceptionally designed necklace, possibly the most outstanding piece of jewellery in the series, from which the same precious gems hang, with emeralds dominating the design.

Completing this exclusive jewellery collection, the earrings, designed in harmony with the ring and necklace, feature a pear shape adorned with rubellites in the section closest to the lobe, reminiscent of a half-flower.

Julia Roberts, Chopard Global Ambassador

Julia Roberts has been the face of signature campaigns such as “Happy Sport” and “Happy Diamonds” since 2021 and appointed as Chopard’s global ambassador in 2023. In addition, she is now the face of all Chopard’s women’s watch and jewellery collections.

Julia Roberts has also participated in “Chopard Loves Cinema“, a series of 12 short films directed by James Gray. It features some of the Chopard watch and jewellery creations that she herself has selected.

The relationship between Julia Roberts and Chopard is based on shared values such as elegance, joie de vivre and a strong commitment to sustainability.

Collaboration between Chopard and Julia Roberts

Chopard’s Commitment to Sustainability

Chopard’s commitment to sustainability has been manifested since 2013 in its “Journey to Sustainable Luxury” initiative, which promotes transparency, traceability and responsible use of materials.

This focus on sustainability has earned Chopard recognition as an industry leader. Since 2018, the brand has been using 100% ethical gold in its jewellery and watch creations. In addition, as a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, Chopard supports community development projects in the regions where these raw materials are sourced.

The Chopard Foundation, dedicated to the education and training of young people in the jewellery industry, reflects the brand’s commitment to creating a more sustainable and responsible future.

This collaboration between Chopard and Julia Roberts stands out as a clear example of how the jewellery industry can move towards a more sustainable and ethical future, without sacrificing the luxury and beauty that characterise it.

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