Pomellato Unveils ‘Free Gems,’A Unique Philosophy Of Gems

Pomellato presents to the world its very own philosophy of gemstones that is rooted in a unique freedom. ‘Free Gems’ or ‘Pomellato e le pietre libere’ in Italian, breaks the rules, starting with the selection, cut, settings, and design of every gemstone across all its creations.

This philosophy’s core is a commitment to freedom born from Pomellato’s mission of empowering women and respecting their right to individuality. This freedom runs through every facet of the company, from revealing unconventional beauty to innovative jewelry designs. Whether diamonds or color gemstones, Pomellato strives to celebrate each stone’s character, presenting a totally contemporary idea of creative expression.

The trailblazing Nudo perfectly embodies Pomellato’s vision. When Pomellato introduced the Nudo ring in 2001, it changed the jewelry world forever. A luminous gemstone solitaire of pure color appeared to float in the air thanks to the groundbreaking idea of a fixing system concealed inside the collet at the base of the stone. Pioneering a new interpretation of the solitaire ring, Nudo was conceived with a square stone and had an asymmetrical cut with softened edges.

Vincenzo Castaldo, Creative Director, says: “Nudo defines liberty in the way that the gemstone is devoid of settings and prongs. Thanks to our special cut and setting technique, we enhance the individuality of the gem. Unconstrained, the light plays with the transparency and the irregularities of the 57 facets; it is almost like a metaphor that speaks of women’s freedom as an indispensable value.”

Sabbia is Pomellato’s distinctive approach to diamond jewels notable for the organically irregular pavé setting developed by the house. Pomellato’s highly skilled gem setters select diamonds in different sizes and shades and carefully set them into what appears to be a random pattern. The gently curved surfaces of the gold add to the overall softness and femininity of the designs. The aim is to exalt the character of each diamond and create nuances, plays of light and shadow, in which the irregularity expresses Pomellato’s ideal of refined imperfection.

Not cutting a stone but leaving it in its rough form is another way Pomellato dares to go against the current of uniformity. Stefano Cortecci, Gem Master, says: “We have created one-of-a-kind high jewelry pieces using rough gemstones precisely because they have their own natural beauty and character; they are a pure expression of independence. When we use more conventional stone cuts, we express the ‘Free Gems’ concept through color. In the ‘Ode to Milan’ high jewelry collection, we chose a range of evocative gems in unusual colors that are vibrant and express strong emotions.”

High jewelry is the ultimate expression of this philosophy, where Pomellato’s creative liberty is amplified to the maximum, reaching the pinnacle of its expression. Here, the choice of color gemstones is at its most daring, and their combinations are unexpected. In addition to the remarkable colors of diamonds used in pavés, even the shapes are freed from the norm. The traditional brilliant diamond is placed alongside fancy cuts such as pears, marquises, baguettes, and even free forms, all held in place by light settings on the surface of the gold. So original are these diamond compositions that Pomellato has given them the name of Charivari. Irregular yet harmonious, they represent the free spirit that has always guided Pomellato.

Sabina Belli, CEO of Pomellato, explains this ethos: “Beyond being a stylistic credo, the ‘Free Gems’ concept is a value we believe in. We want every woman to find an ideal of freedom in her jewels and appreciate exceptional craftsmanship and true Milanese elegance. Pomellato represents modernity and breaking with convention; our jewels express an ideal of feminine independence.”

About Pomellato

Pomellato’s unique style was born in Milan, a design powerhouse that has inspired the world. Casa Pomellato’s Milan headquarters is home to over 100 highly skilled artisans who hand-make each jewel, from smelting the gold to the final polishing. Combined with the finest craftsmanship, Pomellato brings a contemporary soul to fine jewelry making. Each jewel’s soft curves and perfect finish result from Pomellato’s passion for workmanship and a rigorous design ethos that maintains the house’s heritage of superior goldsmithing techniques.

Pomellato is committed to female empowerment. As a house dedicated to women, Pomellato’s ambassadors are advocates of emancipation.
Every Pomellato jewel and advertising campaign embodies the spirit of sisterhood and encourages support for women in many forms, from anti-violence projects to inclusivity awareness.




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