Jewellery for wedding guests: Guide and Etiquette

When it comes to wedding fashion, the choice of jewellery can be as important as the dress itself. Every detail counts, and at an event like this, where everything is a symbol of love and commitment, your jewellery is no exception.

At Ideal Jewellers, we understand the importance of finding the ideal jewellery for a wedding. For this reason, in this article, we will share with you the keys to look perfect on this special occasion.

What jewellery should you consider wearing to a wedding?

Generally speaking, the ideal jewellery for a wedding is that which adds a touch of understatement as well as elegance. The most common accessories are earrings, necklaces and rings, although bracelets can also be good options.


Earrings are the favourite accessory for wedding guests. Long earrings with gemstones are always a sure hit, as they have a timeless charm. However, if you are looking for a modern twist to your outfit, shorter or brightly coloured earrings are the perfect choice.


Necklaces don’t usually go wrong and can enhance any type of dress without overpowering it. Precious gemstone or diamond necklaces are considered classic yet elegant, ideal for a formal wedding. However, for those looking to challenge the norm with a touch of individuality, a necklace with coloured stones can be the style statement that defines your look.


The ring, that small accessory that holds great symbolic power. You don’t have to wear an engagement ring to give your hands the attention they deserve. Gold or silver rings offer a subtle elegance that never goes out of style. But if you’re looking to shine in every sense of the word, opt for rings with gemstones.


While perhaps not the most prominent accessory in the bridal arena, they have the power to add that distinctive touch that can make or break a look. If you prefer to go the safe route, gold or silver bracelets are always a safe bet.

Jewellery to avoid at a wedding

While it’s important to stand out with your jewellery, it’s also crucial not to push the boundaries. To ensure that your choice is the right one, avoid:

Excessively flashy jewellery

Too much flashy jewellery can steal the limelight from the bride and other guests. Remember that balance is key.

On the other hand, oversized pieces of jewellery can be uncomfortable and inelegant, especially if the wedding is a more intimate celebration.

Too casual jewellery

For formal weddings, casual jewellery, such as you would wear for a casual date, is not appropriate. We invite you to find the perfect jewellery for a wedding here.

Lack of coordination with the dress

For a harmonious look, it is essential that your jewellery matches the dress you have chosen. Coordination is essential.

Jewellery for wedding guests: Guide and Etiquette

Additional Considerations for Wedding Jewellery

There are several factors to consider when selecting your jewellery for a wedding.

The time of day of the wedding

The time of day of the wedding can influence your choice of jewellery. Generally, morning jewellery tends to be simpler and more understated, whereas for evening weddings you can turn up the glamour a notch.

The wedding venue

The setting of the wedding also plays an important role. At beach weddings, for example, simpler jewellery tends to be preferred, while for weddings in ballrooms or more formal venues, elegant jewellery is the right choice.

Your role in the wedding

If you have a prominent role in the wedding, such as a bridesmaid or maid of honour, you may want to consider a little more eye-catching jewellery that reflects your importance at the event.

Choosing jewellery according to age

Your choice of jewellery can also vary according to your age.

Younger people tend to feel comfortable wearing flashier, more colourful jewellery. On the other hand, older women tend to prefer more classic, understated jewellery or jewellery with elegant gemstones and metals that accentuate their sophisticated, mature style.

Tips for choosing the right jewellery

We’ve already cleared up all the mysteries so you can look stunning at your next wedding. From the jewellery that makes you sparkle to the perfect style for every occasion and age, we’ve prepared all the secrets for you. But wait, there’s more, here are some final tips to help you look stunning on your special day.

Coordinate with your dress and your personal style

Choose jewellery that complements both your dress and your personal style. Consistency is essential for a flawless look.


Don’t overdo it with the amount of jewellery you wear. In most cases, less is more. A few well-chosen accessories can have a far greater impact than many put together.

Ask for advice

If you are in doubt about what jewellery to choose, don’t hesitate to consult someone you trust or a professional. Their experience and perspective can be invaluable in your decision making.

The jewellery you choose for a wedding is a reflection of your personal style and the occasion itself. Opt for pieces of jewellery that complement your dress and your personality, and you’ll be ready to dazzle on that special day. At Ideal Jewellers, we are committed to helping you find the perfect jewellery that will enhance your beauty and make you feel spectacular.

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