Rolex lands in the Canary Islands with Ideal Joyeros, in its only Rolex Boutique in the archipelago.

On December 20, the only Rolex Boutique in the Canary archipelago opened its doors in the Plaza del Duque Shopping Center, in the opening ceremony was attended by Mr. Shyam Aswani, president of IDEAL Jewelers, Mr. Anup Aswani, his son, who has been managing since 1998 and his family. There were also important personalities from the political, tourist and social world of Tenerife.

Rolex’s status and the brand’s unique identity derive from a story whose axes are the passion for innovation and the constant search for excellence, this new space of about 150 square meters, where the concept of decoration that the brand has been designed for its boutiques in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Tokyo, Paris, Milan, Berlin and Hong Kong, with a harmonic, functional and original design at the same time. The objective, in addition to creating a pleasant atmosphere, is to reflect the excellence that Rolex seeks not only in its watches, but in everything around it. This new concept is printed on each piece of furniture, in the range of colors earth, gold and that green so characteristic of the brand and in the materials, with “Crema Marfil” marble, from the mountains of El Coto and Zafra, in Spain, and Warm walnut wood for walls.

We invite you to enjoy a space dedicated to innovation and luxury where Rolex with its unsurpassed Swiss technology and its constant search for excellence dazzle us with its creations, and in where in each of its spaces the watchmaking passion of the Mr. Shyam Aswani and all his family legacy.




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