The most popular hands in watchmaking

Watch hands, although small in size, play an important role in the functionality and aesthetics of a watch. Each type of hand has its own history, design and purpose. Today we will review some of the most popular watch hands in the world of luxury watchmaking.

Snowflake Hands – Snowflake

Tudor’s “Snowflake” hands debuted in 1969 on divers’ watches with references 7016 and 7021. Designed to maximise legibility, these hands feature a large amount of luminescent material, which significantly improves underwater visibility, a crucial feature for divers.

This design remained in exclusive use for Tudor diver’s watches until the mid-1980s. After a period of absence, Tudor reintroduced the “Snowflake” hands at Baselworld 2012 with the launch of the Black Bay and Pelagos models. Today, these hands are one of Tudor’s most exclusive and recognisable design elements, combining distinctive aesthetics and functionality.

The most popular hands in watchmaking

Breguet Pomme Évidée hands

Breguet hands are one of the most popular in the world of watchmaking. They are hollow hands and as they themselves mention, with an off-centred ponme évidée. They were designed by Abraham-Louis Breguet in the 18th century. These hands are a symbol of watchmaking, commonly seen on high-end watches in many other firms besides Breguet.

The most popular hands in watchmaking

Cathedral Hands – Cathedral

These hands are inspired by the stained glass windows of European cathedrals, with patterns reminiscent of Gothic windows. They are common on military and vintage watches, and their design is particularly popular on retro-style watches. Many luxury watch brands use these hands on some of their models.

Sword Hands – Sword

The sword hands have an elongated, tapering shape, similar to the blade of a sword. This design is one of the hallmarks of Cartier watches. Sword hands can vary in thickness from larger designs to thinner variants and are used in both formal and sports watches.

The most popular hands in watchmaking

Syringe Handles – Syringe

Syringe hands are recognisable by their wide body and thin, syringe-like tip. This design allows for a very precise indication of time and is commonly found in high-precision watches. Syringe hands have a base where luminescent material is applied, improving legibility in low light conditions.

The most popular hands in watchmaking

Arrow Hands – Arrow

This type of hands have a triangular shape that tapers to a point, similar to an arrowhead. This design is common in sports and diving watches because of the simplicity with which the time can be read. Some brands such as Omega or Glashütte use arrow hands on their Speedmaster models.

The most popular hands in watchmaking

Baton hands – Baton

Baton hands are the most common and are characterised by their rectangular and elongated shape. This design is very simple and fits perfectly into any type of design. Baton hands generate interest because of their minimalism and elegance, they are ideal for both dress and sports watches.

The most popular hands in watchmaking

Dauphine hands

Dauphine hands are popular on dress watches with their triangular and faceted design, offering depth and brilliance to the dial. Their name comes from ‘dauphine’ (French) meaning eldest son of the French king, heir to the throne. Brands such as Jaeger-LeCoultre use Dauphine hands in their watches.

The most popular hands in watchmaking

Leaf Hands – Leaf

Leaf hands, also known as Feuille hands, have an oval shape that tapers at both ends, similar to a leaf. This design often appears on more formal watches, such as IWC models.

The most popular hands in watchmaking

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