The Octo Roma begins a new chapter of its legacy and elevate any look with its impeccable style

First introduced in 2012, Octo has been highly influential in watchmaking communities over the past decade. It represents the most innovative and intense Italian-style design enriching Swiss watchmaking art, as well as Bulgari’s amazing ability to renew itself and reinvigorate its distinctive aesthetic.

The new Octo Roma collection is characterized by its versatility, sophistication and elegance. It is intended for the intrepid who display a refined sense of style and seek a timepiece that offers a wide range of options, from a magnificent automatic watch to an impressive chronograph or a captivating tourbillon. With his unique bold design, the Octo Roma exemplifies Bulgari’s innovativeness and his contribution to Swiss watchmaking with his distinctive Italian flair.

The Octo Roma collection embodies a contemporary style that makes an impression, demonstrates the exquisite Roman roots of the brand and pays homage to architectural heritage and watchmaking craftsmanship:

• The octagonal shape of the case pays homage to the brand’s historical connection to the Eternal City.

• The intricate Clous de Paris motif on the dial of the automatic and chronograph models pays homage to Swiss Haute Horlogerie.

The distinctive design of the Octo Roma, which does not take a circular shape, combines intense style, versatile use and the unmistakable touch of Italian charm:

• The Octo Roma automatic and chronograph models feature a convenient tool-less interchangeable strap system for the freedom to change your look whenever you want.

• The crown is perfectly integrated into the case of both models and protected by crown protectors, and each watch is water resistant to 100 meters.

• The box design juxtaposes round and octagonal shapes to create an intricate play of textures, light and shadow.

The Octo Roma embodies an unconventional vision of classical Haute Horlogerie thanks to its variety of complications and fine craftsmanship:

• The Octo Roma Chronograph is the first piece in the collection, powered by Caliber BVL 399, a Swiss-made in-house mechanical movement.

• Octo Roma Tourbillons represent the perfect blend of Swiss watchmaking excellence and Roman creativity, with each timepiece displaying a unique blend of technical precision and artistic vision.

Leave your mark in style

With Octo Roma, Bulgari redefines the style of the octagon. This new collection is a symbol of elegance that elevates the octagonal watch to a new level of modern sophistication. Its unique shape, round without being round, is a nod to Bulgari’s Roman roots and exquisite heritage.

The octagonal shape comes from the extraordinary history of Italian architecture, appearing in iconic structures like the Pantheon and the works of Leonardo da Vinci; in particular, the octagonal geometry characterizes the vaults of the Basilica of Maxentius, built in the 4th century on one of the most important architectural sites in Rome.

Distinctive aesthetic, round without being round and versatile

The Italian style of Bulgari watchmaking permeates every detail of the Octo Roma, from its fine craftsmanship to its elegant lines, not forgetting its perfectly dimensioned case.

Octo Roma captivates with a subtle and refined case design, which combines a round effect in an octagonal frame. This extraordinary visual impact is achieved through an intricate combination of two different geometric shapes in the case design. The satin-brushed top round bezel contrasts with the polished octagonal bottom of the bezel to create a striking “but not quite classic” aesthetic with bold personality. The inner octagonal ring enhances the design as the dial takes on an octagonal shape. Faceted handles complete a balanced and sophisticated set. The Octo Roma collection exudes power through its meticulously designed details, making the watch a masterpiece that showcases Bulgari’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality.


The Octo Roma collection is home to four exceptional tourbillon models that demonstrate the brand’s commitment to precision, innovation and style.

The generous shapes of the Octo Roma can house various complications, making it an ideal platform to demonstrate Bulgari’s expertise in Haute Horlogerie. From the striking aesthetics to the intricate mechanics, these tourbillon models are a true testament to Bulgari’s watchmaking excellence. Each model proudly displays its own set of unique features, from the captivating movement of the tourbillon mechanism to the delicate details on the dial. The dimensions of the Octo Roma’s octagonal case provide a vast showcase in which these technical masterpieces shine.




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