Rings for men: tips on how to wear them in style

Rings are an important part of men’s fashion , capable of adding a distinctive touch to any look. However, choosing where to put the rings in men can depend on various factors and, therefore, cause doubts. But don’t worry, at Ideal Joyeros we will give you some tips to wear any type of ring with style.

On which hand are the rings worn?

The tradition of wearing rings on the left hand dates back to ancient Rome . The Romans believed that the vena amoris , or vein of love, ran from the ring finger of the left hand to the heart. For this reason, the ring finger of the left hand was considered by the Romans to be the most appropriate finger for wearing an engagement ring .

However, there are some cultures that have different traditions about the finger on which the rings are worn, such as the Asian one.

Currently there is no reason to follow any rules, even so, we are going to give you some advice so that you can decide which hand will go best according to your personality :

The right hand is considered more active and dominant than the left. Therefore, it draws more attention when used for hand gestures. If you want to make a statement and become the center of attention in a conversation, the right hand is the best choice.

The left hand , on the other hand, is symbolized as a mental hand that represents your character and belief .

You should keep in mind that this will be the other way around if you are a left-handed person.

anillo masculino posicion

Meaning of rings on men’s fingers

Thumb finger

Although nowadays the thumb is the hardest finger to see a ring on, in the past it used to be a symbol of hierarchy or superior position. Because of its location away from the other fingers, the thumb is a good choice for eye-catching rings that highlight your style or even for wearing multiple rings without overloading the hand.

Ring finger

Traditionally associated with love and marriage, the ring finger is the place where wedding rings are often placed in most Western cultures.

Index finger

Often associated with power and authority, the index finger had a special significance in ancient times. In ancient Rome, for example, only emperors were allowed to wear rings on this finger. Over the centuries, the index finger was chosen for rings symbolising the family crest and status. Popularly known as the “pointing finger”, it is the most visible when gesturing with the hands.

Middle finger

Linked to strength in many cultures, the middle finger is considered in some contexts to be the most powerful finger on the hand. While the middle finger is the longest and most central finger, which could interfere with bulky rings affecting the index and ring fingers, a masculine ring design that is not too heavy can achieve the right effect.

Little finger

Associated with creativity and intelligence, the little finger has in the past been considered the most imaginative finger on the hand, as in ancient Greece. It is a wise choice for an attention-grabbing ring. In ancient times, signet rings used to be placed on this finger to authenticate documents.

Rings according to finger type

If you have long fingers, you have the advantage that rings will fit you well, regardless of whether they are thicker or thinner. However, it is advisable to choose rings with irregular shapes, as this can counteract the appearance of shorter fingers. In the opposite case, if your fingers are short, it is advisable to avoid excessively large rings, as this can make them appear even smaller visually.

If you have slender fingers, it is advisable to opt for rings that include gems, stones or other materials. You can also think about wearing rings with more varied designs that give the appearance of wider fingers, playing with colours and design. On the other hand, if your fingers are thick, it is best to avoid flashy rings and opt for thinner, single-coloured rings instead.

anillos hombres

Tips for wearing rings

When you make the decision to wear rings as an accessory, it is important to consider a few more aspects. One of these is the size and style of the ring. Large, flashy designs may be too conspicuous in certain settings, while small, discreet models are more suitable for formal occasions.

The type of activity you do can also influence your choice. Those who use their hands constantly may prefer to avoid wearing rings on their most active fingers.

Don’t worry about the choice, just experiment and find out which style suits you best. Remember there is no hard and fast rule, the key thing is to feel comfortable with yourself.

Here are some more practical tips when it comes to wearing rings:

  • Wear the right size: A ring that is too big can be uncomfortable, while one that is too narrow can make it difficult to remove.
  • Match your rings to your personal style: If you dress formally, opt for classic, understated designs. If you prefer a bolder, more casual style, choose rings with more eye-catching designs.
  • Avoid overloading your hands: One pair of rings is usually enough for most men. Wearing too many rings can give the impression of excess.
  • Keep your rings clean: Clean your rings regularly to keep them in good condition.

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