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Chanel Watches

CHANEL, renowned worldwide for its timeless elegance and style, has been venturing beyond fashion to offer exceptional timepieces since 1987. Each piece is a testament to refinement and innovation, fusing the Parisian creativity of Place Vendôme with the Swiss craftsmanship of La Chaux-de-Fonds. Find the CHANEL watch you were looking for at Ideal Jewellers.

CHANEL History

CHANEL’s history in watchmaking is as fascinating as its legacy in fashion. The CHANEL  brand, founded by Gabrielle Chanel, opened its first boutique in Paris in 1910 and soon became an icon of 20th century fashion. Known for her revolutionary creations in fashion and perfumery, CHANEL extended her creative magic and trend-setting skills to the world of watchmaking as well.

CHANEL’s foray into watchmaking was not just an act of product diversification; it was an entry into a field where legitimacy and expertise are essential. The brand took this challenge seriously and began to build its reputation in watchmaking, acquiring skills and mastering techniques step by step. In 1987, CHANEL launched its first watch, the “Première“. This watch not only reflected CHANEL’s style and aesthetic, but also marked a shift in watch design specifically for women, away from the trend of simply scaling down men’s watches to a smaller scale. The “Première” was inspired by iconic CHANEL elements, such as the No. 5 perfume stopper, and opted for the colours black and white, thus maintaining the brand’s stylistic codes.

The creation of the J12 watch in 2000 was a significant milestone for CHANEL. Designed by Jacques Helleu, the J12 became an icon of 21st century watchmaking. This watch, characterised by its impeccable design and sporty air, was notable for introducing ceramics as a noble material in its manufacture. The J12 took seven years to develop and its design was inspired by everything from automobiles to racing yachts. This watch marked CHANEL’s entry into the world of watchmaking with its own workshops in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, consolidating its legitimacy in this field.

In 2005, CHANEL went a step further by presenting the J12 Tourbillon, the first tourbillon made on a ceramic plate. This innovation represented a drastic departure from its usual course in watchmaking and attracted considerable attention. Moreover, CHANELcollaboration with Audemars Piguet in 2008 to create the CHANEL/AP 3125 movement was a turning point, marking CHANEL’s definitive entry into the world of Haute Horlogerie. This movement combined high-precision mechanics with contemporary aesthetics and respected the codes of traditional watchmaking.

CHANEL Watch Collections

Code Coco

Code Coco transcends as a piece where the elegance of a watch and the charm of a piece of jewellery merge. This exclusive CHANEL collection features a quilted bracelet design and a distinctive clasp, elements that enhance its iconic style. Code Coco is synonymous with the exquisiteness and distinctive style of the Maison CHANEL.


CHANEL’s J12 series is distinguished by more than 30 unique models, available in white, black, or a mix of both. Renowned for their durability and scratch-resistance, these timepieces are powered by quartz and automatic mechanisms. The J12, an emblem of CHANEL in the world of watchmaking, incorporates the Calibre 12.1 or Calibre 12.2, automatic movements from the Swiss manufacture Kenissi, of which CHANEL is a 20% owner.


In 1987, CHANEL launched the Première, its first watch, reflecting the brand’stylistic principles. Its case is reminiscent of the stopper of the iconic N°5 perfume and its bracelet, with intertwined leather, is similar to the chains of classic CHANEL bags, although different versions have been made, such as ceramic or velvet. The Première is a feminine and timeless watch, ideal for any time of the day or night.


The Boy Friend watch by CHANEL is a masterpiece in watchmaking, standing out for its purity of lines, balance of dimensions and perfection of form. This minimalist design breaks down the barriers between masculine and feminine, offering a unique and striking style.

Monsieur de CHANEL

The Monsieur de CHANEL watch is a perfect combination of geometry and digital graphics. With its in-house CHANEL movement, this timepiece redefines the standards of watchmaking with an elegance that is evident on both the front and back. Monsieur de CHANEL is a showcase of the brand’s signature expertise and luxury.

CHANEL watches for men and women

CHANEL offers a variety of watches for both men and women, encapsulating the creativity and expertise of the Maison. Among the most notable CHANEL watch collections for women are the J12, famous for its innovative design and use of ceramics, the Première, which was CHANEL’s first watch and remains a mainstay of its catalogue, or the CODE COCO collection, which combines watch and jewellery features. On the other hand, we have the Boy Friend collection, which fuses masculine and feminine elements in a minimalist and elegant design, or the Monsieur de CHANEL, designed specifically for men.

CHANEL watch ambassadors

CHANEL’s brand ambassadors include celebrities from film and fashionKeira KnightleyKristen StewartMargot Robbie and Penélope Cruz are some of the actresses who have represented the brand.

CHANEL has also featured young talents such as Lily-Rose DeepSistine StalloneSelah Marley and Willow Smith, who have had a special bond with the brand and have participated in various events and campaigns.

In addition, CHANEL has integrated K-pop ambassadors into its roster, featuring G-Dragon and Taeyang from the group BIGBANG, and Jennie from BLACKPINK, reflecting the influence of Korean culture on global fashion. These ambassadors represent CHANEL’s diversity, appealing to a young audience and keeping the brand at the forefront of fashion.

Reasons to buy a CHANEL watch

Buying a CHANEL watch is much more than simply acquiring a time accessory. It is about owning a piece that represents a unique fusion of instant and eternity, a reflection of Gabrielle CHANEL’s legacy and vision.

CHANEL watches, since 1987, have been more than mere time-measuring instruments, they are statements of style and timeless charm. Born from the boundless creativity of Mademoiselle CHANEL and perfected in the iconic Place Vendôme, these pieces are the result of an exceptional alchemy between fashion and fine watchmaking.

Each watch is a work of art, a testament to the Swiss craftsmanship of La Chaux-de-Fonds, and some models are adorned with precious stones, set by expert craftsmen, demonstrating extraordinary technical virtuosity.

CHANEL has put a great deal of effort into the development of in-house manufactured movements, including innovations such as the Calibre 5Monsieur Calibre 5.1J12 Calibre 3.1Boy Friend Skeleton Calibre 3Premiere Calibre 2 and the Monsieur de CHANEL calibre 1.

When you buy a CHANEL watch, you acquire not only a luxury object, but also a piece of fashion and watchmaking history.

Ideal Joyeros, authorised retailer of CHANEL watches

To buy a genuine CHANEL watch, it is necessary to buy it from a place authorised by the brand itself.

Ideal Joyeros is an official distributor of CHANEL watches in Tenerife, which means that when you are buying a watch in one of our boutiques you have the certainty that you are acquiring a 100% original CHANEL watch.

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