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Frederique Constant Watches

Frederique Constant watches are inspired by Swiss watchmaking tradition, but also incorporate elements of innovation and design of their own. Popular collections include the ClassicsSlimlineHorological Smartwatch and Manufacture.

History of Frederique Constant

Frederique Constant’s history is based on innovation and constant growth in the world of watchmaking since its founding in 1988 by Aletta and Peter Stas. In 1992, after four years of work, they launched their first collection, the “18th Century“, featuring Swiss movements assembled in Geneva. In 1994, the brand introduced a remarkable innovation with the Heart Beat watch, whose distinctive feature was an opening in the dial that revealed the mechanical movement of the watch. This design became a hallmark of the brand.

Frederique Constant’growth continued with their move to Geneva in 1997, when they also made their debut at Baselworld. In 2001, they adopted the motto “Live your Passion”, reflecting their dedication to success and passion for watchmaking.

The expansion of the brand led Frederique Constant to acquire Alpina Watches in 2002, diversifying its product range with sports watches. In 2004, they introduced their first in-house manufacture calibre, the FC-910. They continued to innovate with collections such as the Vintage Rally in 2007, in collaboration with Austin-Healey, and the limited edition Tourbillon Manufacture in 2008. In the same year, they created Ateliers deMonaco, further expanding their reach in the watch industry.

In 2009, Frederique Constant introduced the Runabout collection and in 2012, they launched the Classic Worldtimer Manufacture, a milestone for global travellers. In 2015, they entered the smartwatch market with a Swiss model with an analogue dial. The acquisition of the Frederique Constant Group by Citizen in 2016 marked another important stage in their history.

Innovation continued with the Flyback Chronograph Manufacture in 2017 and the Classic Hybrid Manufacture in 2018. In 2020, they introduced the Smartwatch Vitality, and in 2021, they introduced the Slimline Monolithic Manufacture, an innovation in the regulation of mechanical watches.

This track record underlines Frederique Constant’s commitment to innovationquality and design, establishing them as a leading brand in the luxury watch industry.

Frederique Constant watch collections

Frederique Constant’s collections range from classic to innovative models, from sporty to sporty and even exclusive collections for women.


The Slimline collection is characterised by its sleek and slim design. These watches have slim cases that fit perfectly on the wrist and come in a variety of styles, including automatic and quartz models for men and women. Slimline watches are ideal for formal occasions and elegant events.


The Classics collection offers timeless watches with a classic and functional design. These watches are versatile, perfect for everyday use. You can find automatic and quartz models in different sizes and styles, making them an excellent choice for both men and women.

Horological Smartwatch

Frederique Constant also offers smartwatches within its Horological Smartwatch collection. These timepieces combine the elegance of a classic watch with fitness tracking and connectivity to mobile devices. They are an excellent choice for people who want a traditional watch with modern features.


The Manufacture collection is distinguished by timepieces equipped with in-house movements. These watches are the result of the brand’s commitment to Swiss craftsmanship and precision. They offer various complications such as power reservedate and moon phase.

Ladies Automatic

Ladies Automatic is a collection designed exclusively for women. These watches have an automatic FC-318 movement and feature a stainless steel or rose gold-plated case and a dial with diamonds or mother-of-pearl.

Art Deco

This collection is inspired by the Art Deco style of the 1920s and features watches with geometric and elegant designs. These timepieces are designed especially for people who appreciate vintage aesthetics and the elegance of the Art Deco era.


The Highlife collection is characterised by its distinctive design of interchangeable links, allowing wearers to easily customise the appearance of their timepiece. These watches are available in different sizes and styles and with both automatic and quartz movements.

Vintage Rally

Inspired by the passion for classic cars, Vintage Rally watches are designed for motoring enthusiasts. Featuring details reminiscent of classic car instruments, they are the perfect choice for vintage car enthusiasts.

Frederique Constant watches for women

At Ideal Joyeros you can find Frederique Constat watches for women in various collections. If you are looking for a feminine watch, Frederique Constat even has an exclusive line for women, Ladies Automatic.

Frederique Constant watches for men

If you are looking for a men’s Frederique Constant watch, our luxury watch catalogue offers a variety of options for you to find the one that best suits your style. In the Highlife or Manufcture collections you will find different models of men’s Frederique Constant watches with different features.

Frederique Constant watch brand ambassadors

Frederique Constant ambassadors are people who share the brand’s values such as passion, innovation, quality and commitment. They are professionals who excel in their respective fields and who inspire others by their example. Some of Frederique Constant’s most distinguished ambassadors include Gwyneth PaltrowMark RuffaloOscar Isaac and Aletta Stas, the brand’s co-founder and creative director.

Why buy a Frederique Constant watch?

Some of the reasons why buying a Frederique Constant watch is a good idea are that it is a luxury watch brand distinguished by its philosophy of offering high quality products at competitive prices. Moreover, its innovation is reflected in the development of its own movements, such as the FC-710 calibre. Frederique Constant offers more than 30 in-house calibres for its various timepieces.

Frederique Constant’s achievements include the launch of the first smartwatch launched in Switzerland, the Horological Smartwatch, which connects watchmaking tradition with modern technology.

Ideal Joyeros, authorised Frederique Constant retailer

When you are looking for a Frederique Constant watch, it is essential to ensure that you are purchasing an authentic product. To ensure this, you should purchase your watch from an authorised Frederique Constant retailer.

At Ideal Joyeros, we are proud to be authorised dealers for Frederique Constant in Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura. This means that our watches are authentic and backed by the brand. You can trust the authenticity of every watch you buy from us.

Our staff will provide you with the information and assistance you need to find the perfect watch to suit your style and preferences.

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