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Gucci is one of the most recognised and prestigious brands in the fashion world, founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Italy. Since its inception, Gucci has been characterised by elegant design, quality and innovation, creating collections of clothing, accessories, perfumes and watches that have set trends and captivated millions of customers around the world.

The history of Gucci

The history of Gucci is a story of passion, creativity and success in the world of fashion. It all began in 1921 when the Italian master saddler, Guccio Gucci, decided to establish a shop in Florence, Italy, dedicated to fashion. From the very beginning, Guccio Gucci stood out for his ability to design unique and high-quality products.

In the 1940s, Gucci introduced the iconic “Bamboo Bag“, which became one of the house’s first classics and remains an iconic product to this day. The distinctive green-red-green colour pattern, derived from the circumference, became a recurring feature in Gucci fabrics.

In the 1960s, Gucci established itself as a renowned purveyor of fashion accessories and attracted celebrities such as Jackie KennedyLiz TaylorPeter Sellers and Samuel Beckett, who proudly carried Gucci handbags.

At the end of that decade, Gucci introduced its famous interlocking “double G” logo.

Gucci watches were born in 1972, when the brand decided to expand its product offering and enter the watch market. The first models were designed by Aldo Gucci, Guccio’s son and the brand’s creative director at the time. Gucci watches were distinguished by their sophisticated and avant-garde style, combining classic elements with original and daring details.

Despite facing difficulties at one point, star designer Tom Ford joined Gucci as Creative Director in 1994 and took the brand to new levels of success. His vision and creativity revitalised the company.

Gucci Watch Collections

Gucci watches were an immediate success, both with the public and with specialist critics. The brand partnered with renowned Swiss manufacturers to ensure the quality and precision of its timepieces. In addition, Gucci watches became a symbol of status and luxury, being worn by celebrities, artists and influential personalities.

Over the years, Gucci watches have evolved and adapted to new trends and market demands.

The brand has launched several collections, each with its own personality and characteristics.

Gucci Dive

Gucci Dive is a collection of diving watches that combine style with functionality. These watches offer a water resistance of up to 300 metres. One of the novelties that Gucci presents in these watches is the use of bio-sourced materials, emphasising its commitment to sustainability. What makes these watches particularly attractive is that they are powered by a Swiss ETA automatic movement.

Gucci 25h

The GUCCI 25h watch collection is an expression of elegance inspired by contemporary architecture. The timepieces in this collection are characterised by their slim 7.2 mm profile case and contrasting finishes. This series presents a diverse range of models, both quartz and automatic watches equipped with Gucci’s exclusive GG727.25A calibre, reflecting the brand’s 50 years of experience in Swiss watchmaking. Gucci follows a minimalist trend in this collection with leather straps in elegant tones that enhance the contemporary elegance of the timepieces.


In the G-Timeless line we can find a series of collections with models with both automatic and quartz movements in which the designs of the Gucci brand are the main protagonists. It combines classy design with small timeless touches that make this collection special.

Gucci Bee

The Gucci bee has become an iconic symbol of the brand. In this collection, fifteen bees with detailed decoration are featured as a distinctive element on the dial of the watch. The design of the bee may vary depending on whether the watch runs on automatic or quartz movement.

Slim Line

The Slim Line is distinguished by its slim case, available in two distinct styles. The first takes a more casual approach, featuring Gucci’s iconic bee motif on the dial, complemented by an elegant nine-link bracelet or leather strap. The second style adopts a classic aesthetic, with the tiger’s head positioned at 12 o’clock.


The Classic line has been carefully crafted to reflect a deep connection to Gucci’s heritage. This carefully selected selection of timepieces incorporates classic elements and the brand’s distinctive narrative codes. The timepieces in this collection are perfect for everyday wear and are adorned with iconic Gucci symbols.

Gucci Men’s Watches

Gucci watches for men are especially characterised by their functionality and their design, which is a differential element. You can find from watches with leather strap, round dial and Roman numerals, to watches with steel case, chronograph and rotating bezel. Some of the most popular collections in which to find men’s Gucci watches are G-TimelessDiveGrip and Gucci Sync.

Gucci Women’s Watches

Gucci watches for women are an expression of femininityelegance and glamour. Their designs combine high quality materials such as gold, silver, diamond and mother-of-pearl with original details such as bees, flowers and Gucci house motifs. Notable collections of women’s Gucci watches include G-FrameHorsebitLe Marché des Merveilles and Diamantissima.

Reasons to buy a Gucci watch

When it comes to buying a Gucci watch, one of the main reasons that make us choose this brand are its designs. Gucci designs have captivated millions of people around the world, and that is why it has become a benchmark in the world of fashion. Beyond the designs, since Gucci began manufacturing watches in 1972, it has shown an interest in making a niche for itself in the haute horlogerie market. As a result, it created its own calibre, GG727.25, where it wanted to demonstrate its expertise in Swiss haute horlogerie. In addition, another reason that makes it interesting to buy a Gucci watch is that they use bio-based materials in the manufacture of their collections.

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