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Hublot Watches

Hublot is one of the most striking names in the watch industry. What really sets Hublot apart is its exceptional approach to the design of its models, which stand out as different from other brands. With bold styles, Hublot has managed to win the hearts of its customers. If this is your style, Hublot is the watch brand for you.

History of Hublot watches

Hublot’s history began in Switzerland in 1980, and from its inception, founder Carlo Crocco began to attract attention with his bold designs. The name “Hublot,” which means “bull’s eye” in French, has guided the brand since its inception.

One of Hublot’s most notable milestones was the launch of the iconic Big Bang watch in 2005. Unveiled at Baselworld, this sports watch impressed everyone with its 44-millimetre case containing more than 70 components, allowing for a surprising mix of materials. The Big Bang was a success, with sales exceeding the 2004 figures by 5.5 times.

Since the arrival of Jean-Claude Biver, Hublot has experienced steady and spectacular growth. In a short space of time, a modern factory was erected, watch complications such as tourbillons and minute repeaters were developed, and innovative materials such as “Magic Gold” and ceramic components in dazzling colours were introduced.

In 2006, Hublot surprised the world once again with the launch of the Big Bang All Black, an all-black watch that became a trend in the watch industry. This watch featured the all-black HUB 44 calibre, breaking the traditional mould.

Hublot’s innovation reached its peak in 2010 with the unveiling of the in-house calibre HUB 1240 Unico, a flyback chronograph composed of 330 individual parts. This calibre incorporated revolutionary advances, such as the use of silicon in the anchor and escapement wheel.

In 2011, Hublot partnered with Ferrari, becoming the official timekeeper and watchmaking partner of the iconic brand. This collaboration has led to the design of special timepieces for both drivers and amateurs, fusing a passion for speed with watchmaking excellence.

Since 2006, Hublot has demonstrated its commitment to football, recognising its power as a means of connecting with a young and passionate audience. Through partnerships with clubsplayerscoaches and World Cup organisers FIFA, Hublot has made an indelible mark on the world of the beautiful game.

Hublot Watch Collections

If you are passionate about luxury watches, you are probably already familiar with Hublot, a prestigious Swiss brand renowned for its continuous innovation and avant-garde in watchmaking design. At Ideal Joyeros you will find Hublot watch collections that will satisfy a wide variety of tastes and styles, which one best suits your personality and preferences?

Square Bang

The Square Bang collection is distinguished by its square case, which breaks with the traditional round shape of watches. The Square Bang is a sporty watch, combining titanium and rubber, two materials that are Hublot’s hallmarks. The Square Bang has an automatic movement and a power reserve of 42 hours. Its skeletonised dial reveals the watch’s inner workings, and its luminescent hands and hour-markers make it easy to read in the dark.

Spirit of Big Bang

The Spirit of Big Bang collection is inspired by the iconic Big Bang model, but with a tonneau,

i.e. barrel-shaped case. The Spirit of Big Bang is a watch that fuses the classic with the modern, with a ceramic or rose gold case and an alligator or rubber strap. The Spirit of Big Bang has a self-winding chronograph movement and a power reserve of 50 hours. It also has a skeletonised dial and displays the chronograph and date counters.

Big Bang

The Big Bang collection is Hublot’s best known and most successful collection and has received numerous international awards for its design and technology. The Big Bang is a watch that represents Hublot’s philosophy, “the art of fusion”. The Big Bang combines materials such as gold, steel, titanium, ceramic, carbon and rubber to create a contrasting and harmonious effect. The Big Bang has a self-winding chronograph movement and a 72-hour power reserve. Its dial displays the chronograph counters, the date and the Hublot logo.

Classic Fusion

The Classic Fusion collection is based on the first model launched by Hublot in 1980, but with an updated twist. The Classic Fusion is a watch that combines elegance with sportiness, with a gold or titanium case and a rubber or alligator strap. The Classic Fusion has an automatic or manual-winding movement, depending on the model, and a power reserve that can vary between 42 and 90 hours.

Hublot watches for men and women

At Ideal Joyeros you will find a wide variety of Hublot watches for men among its collections. Hublot’men’s watches are distinguished from the brand’s women’s models mainly by the size of their cases, which range from 42mm to 44mm.

If you are looking for Hublot watches for women, among all our fine watchmaking pieces you will see different Hublot women’s models with case sizes ranging from 28mm to 36mm.

Hublot Partnerships

Hublot is a luxury watch brand that is known for its collaborations with celebritiesartistsathletes and organisations from various fields. Some of Hublot’s most notable collaborations include the following.

With footballer Kylian Mbappé, Hublot created the Big Bang Unico Sapphire watch, which has a transparent sapphire case and a blue rubber strap inspired by the colour of the French national team.

With artist Richard Orlinski, Hublot designed the Classic Fusion Orlinski watch, which has a black ceramic case with angular facets and a rose gold bezel, reflecting the artist’s sculptural style.

For the charity Save Our Rhino Africa India (SORAI), Hublot launched the Big Bang Unico SORAI watch, which has a camouflage green dial and an image of a rhinoceros on the seconds counter. The aim of the watch was to raise awareness and funds for the protection of rhinoceroses in Africa and India.

Hublot created with rapper Jay-Z the Shawn Carter by Hublot watch, which features a black gold case and a dial with the rapper’s logo, formed by two aces. The watch is a limited edition of 250 pieces and was sold exclusively at Barneys New York.

With the Italian fashion brand Italia Independent, Hublot developed the Big Bang Unico Italia Independent watch, which has a carbon fibre case and a denim strap, which can be exchanged for other colour and material options.

Hublot brand ambassadors

Hublot Brand Ambassadors are individuals who represent the values and philosophy of the Swiss luxury watchmaking company. These ambassadors are renowned figures in various fields, such as sport, art, music and fashion, who share Hublot’s passion for innovation, excellence and creativity. Hublot ambassadors include footballer Kylian Mbappé, artist Richard Orlinski, musician Lang Lang and model Bar Refaeli. These ambassadors collaborate with Hublot in the design of special editions of its watches, as well as in communication and social responsibility actions.

Why buy a Hublot watch?

Hublot is one of the best-known haute horlogerie brands on the market, but it is not a watch for everyone. People who wear a Hublot are not usually people who opt for classic, traditional styles. If you are someone who likes flashy accessories, Hublot is the watch for you. Its innovative materials such as ceramic for its case or the internal intricacies it houses. Coupled with its bold designs, Hublot is just the watch you’ve been looking for.

Ideal Joyeros, official Hublot retailer

At Ideal Joyeros we are trusted distributors of the Hublot brand. When you buy at Ideal Joyeros, you can be sure that you are buying an authentic watch of the highest quality.

The investment in a Hublot watch is significant, and buying from a trusted source such as Ideal Jewellers ensures that you are buying a watch that meets the brand’s highest standards.

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