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IWC Schaffhausen is a luxury watch brand specialising in the manufacture of high-quality, precision mechanical watches. IWC watches combine Swiss watchmaking tradition with technological innovation, offering models for different tastes and occasions. Some of its most famous collections are the Portugieser, Pilot, Portofino, Aquatimer and Ingenieur.

IWC History

The history of the IWC watch brand began in 1868, when the American engineer Florentino Aristo Jones settled in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. His business partner, Johann Heinrich Moser, had devised a system for harnessing the Rhine’s hydroelectric power and starting mechanised watch production. The Schaffhausen factory produced 10,000 watches for the American market and then expanded into Germany.

IWC focused on wristwatches and pilot’s watches. In the 1930s, they developed the “special aviator’s watch” with a black dial, Arabic numerals, protection against magnetic fields and luminous hands. This watch established a dynasty that included the Mark X and Mark XI, the latter of which became the official watch of the British Royal Air Force.

Today, IWC’s vintage pilot’s watches are popular with collectors. In 2002, they launched the “Big Pilot” and in 2012, a limited edition in honour of Antoine de Saint Exupéry.

Back in 2007, IWC introduced the “TOP GUN” family, inspired by the US Navy’s Combat Arms School. With a rich history and commitment to precision, IWC is an iconic brand in watchmaking.

IWC watch collections

IWC’s watch collections are a testament to the excellence and innovation that characterise the Swiss watch brand. Since its origins in 1868, IWC has been creating high-quality timepieces that combine engineering precision with elegant and functional design.


Portugueser is inspired by the navigational instruments of Portuguese explorers, this collection offers watches with complications such as the chronograph, perpetual calendar and tourbillon.


Dedicated to the pioneers of aviation, the Pilot collection features robust and resistant watches with clear, legible dials and functions such as the chronograph, annual calendar and power reserve indicator.


IWC was inspired to create Portofino by the Mediterranean lifestyle. This collection offers elegant watches with round cases and minimalist dials, and options such as calendar or moon phase.

Da Vinci

Da Vinci, a collection paying tribute to Renaissance genius, offers innovative timepieces with geometric cases and complex dials, and complications such as the chronograph, perpetual calendar and retrograde tourbillon.


Inspired by science and technology, the Ingenieur collection offers powerful and precise timepieces with robust cases and dynamic dials, and functions such as the chronograph, perpetual calendar and power reserve indicator.


The Aquatimer is IWC Schaffhausen’s diving watch collection dedicated to lovers of the sea. This collection offers sports watches with water-resistant cases and internal or external rotating bezels, and functions such as a chronograph, calendar or depth gauge.

IWC watches for men and women

IWC watches for men and women are distinguished by their quality and exclusive design. Among the men’s watch collections, the Portugieser is iconic, known for its timeless style and models such as the Grande Complication and the Annual Calendar. The Da Vinci has been significantly transformed since its launch in 1969, now offering innovative models. The Aquatimer, dedicated to divers, and the Ingenieur, with protection against magnetic fields, are both unravelled options. The Pilot’s Watch, inspired by aviation, completes the men’s offer with large models and the latest in high technology.

If you are looking for an IWC watch for women, the Da Vinci collection includes the Automatic Moon Phase 36, also available with diamonds. The Portofino is equally popular with men and women, with classic models and others adorned with diamonds, such as the Automatic 37, designed primarily for a female audience.

IWC brand ambassadors

Throughout its history, the prestigious watch brand IWC Schaffhausen has been honoured with a number of well-known ambassadors from different sectors. Among the prominent ambassadors are iconic names from the world of sport, such as Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and Tom Brady, who have all contributed to IWC’s image through their success in their respective disciplines. The world of football has also been represented by stars such as Luis Figo, Xavi Alonso and Zinedine Zidane. Even motorsport has been represented by Valentino Rossi, Valtteri Bottas and David Coulthard, who have brought IWC’s precision and engineering to the racetrack.

IWC Schaffhausen is not just limited to the world of sports, as it has been joined by well-known personalities from the world of entertainment and fashion. Celebrities such as Adriana Lima, Bradley Cooper, Cate Blanchett and James Marsden have been brand ambassadors, adding their style to the world of IWC watches.

Why buy an IWC watch?

Buying an IWC watch is a choice of distinction and quality. These timepieces, with a Swiss heritage dating back to 1868, are the benchmark in luxury watchmaking. They are known not only for their precision and durability, but also for their elegant design. Models such as the Pilot’s Watch, the Portugieser, and the Da Vinci are examples of their expertise and attention to detail.

The manufacture of an IWC watch incorporates high-quality materials such as stainless steel, gold, titanium, ceramic and bronze. These materials not only contribute to its aesthetics but also to its longevity and durability. Moreover, an IWC watch is not just a time-measuring device; it is a reflection of the craftsmanship and technical skill of watchmaking.

Advanced functions such as chronograph, perpetual calendar, tourbillon and power reserve demonstrate IWC’s commitment to innovation and precision. These watches are symbols of prestige and elegance, ideal for those who value both functionality and style. When you buy an IWC watch, you are investing in an accessory that transcends time, offering a unique blend of watchmaking tradition, technological innovation and exceptional design.

Ideal Joyeros, Authorised IWC Shaffhausen reatailer

When you are considering buying an IWC Schaffhausen watch, it is crucial to make sure you buy it from an authorised IWC Schaffhausen watch retailer.

At Ideal Joyeros, we are proud to be an authorised IWC Schaffhausen dealer. This means that our products are 100% authentic and come directly from the manufacturer. You can trust in the quality and excellence of the watches we offer. What’s more, when you buy from our authorised centre, you will have access to warranty services backed by the brand.

Don’t compromise on quality and authenticity when purchasing your IWC Schaffhausen watch. Visit us at any of our Ideal Jewellers boutiques, where we will help you choose the perfect watch to suit your style and needs.


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