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Located in Switzerland’s idyllic Vallée de Joux, Jaeger-LeCoultre represents excellence in watchmaking. Jaeger-LeCoultre is distinguished by its commitment to quality craftsmanship and technological innovation.

In its workshops, every aspect of watch creation, from the initial design to the final product, is carried out in-house. With a fusion of tradition and cutting-edge technology, Jaeger-LeCoultre has created legendary timepieces, cementing its status in the world of luxury watchmaking.

History of Jaeger Le Coultre

Jaeger-LeCoultre is a Swiss luxury watch brand with a rich and fascinating history. Founded in 1833 by Antoine LeCoultre, the company began in the Vallée de Joux, known as the heart of Swiss watchmaking. Initially, the company was noted for its innovation in the manufacture of precision timepieces.

In 1844, Antoine LeCoultre invented the “Millionomètre“, the first instrument capable of measuring to the micron, revolutionising precision in watchmaking. Then, in 1866, he opened the first factory to centralise all stages of watchmaking under one roof, an innovative concept at the time.

The merger of two talented watchmakers, Antoine LeCoultre and Edmond Jaeger, in 1903, marked the birth of the Jaeger-LeCoultre brand. Edmond Jaeger challenged Swiss watchmakers to produce the ultra-thin creations he had designed, and LeCoultre accepted the challenge. This collaboration led to the development of a series of ultra-thin movements that were revolutionary in their time.

One of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s most notable achievements is the “Reverso” watch, introduced in 1931. This watch was designed for British officers in India to withstand shocks during polo matches, thanks to its rotating case that protected the crystal.

Over the years, Jaeger-LeCoultre has maintained its reputation for innovation and excellence. They have developed hundreds of calibres, filed numerous patents and created some of the most complex watches in the world. The brand is known for its craftsmanship, quality and for being one of the few manufactures to produce its own movements in-house, allowing them to have total control over the production process and guaranteeing exceptional quality in every piece.

Today, Jaeger-LeCoultre remains a prestigious name in the world of watchmaking, renowned for its elegance, precision and craftsmanship.

Jaeger Le Coultre Watch Collections


The iconic Reverso collection with its rotating case was introduced in 1931. Originally designed for polo players, the Reverso allows the watch case to be rotated to protect the crystal. This collection combines elegance with practical functionality and has evolved to include models with complications such as perpetual calendars and moon phases.


Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Master collection is known for its classic elegance and simplicity. It includes watches with complications such as the Master Ultra Thin, which stands out for its slim profile, and the Master Grande Tradition, which showcases haute horlogerie complications.


The Duomètre series uses a unique concept called “Dual-Wing“, which separates the timing functions from the rest of the complications to ensure optimal precision. The timepieces in this collection are known for their technical precision and refined aesthetics.


This collection, aimed primarily at a female audience, combines elegance and technical complexity. The Rendez-Vous watches often feature subtle decorations and are equipped with complications such as calendars and moon phases, and stand out for their beauty and functionality.


Inspired by the 1968 Memovox Polaris, this collection is more sporty. It offers a variety of functions, such as alarm, world time and chronograph, which are very useful for everyday wear and travel.


The Atmos collection is unique in the world of watchmaking, featuring table clocks that operate on changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure. Atmos watches are renowned for their technical ingenuity and require almost no human intervention to operate.

Jaeger Le Coultre watches for men and women

Jaeger-LeCoultre, a prestigious Swiss luxury watch brand, offers watch collections for both men and women.

Jaeger Le Coultre watches for men include models such as the Reverso, with its unique rotating case, the elegant and minimalist Master Ultra Thin, and the Master Compressor, ideal for outdoor activities.

If you’re looking for Jaeger Le Coultre watches for women, the Rend ez-Vous combines elegance and functionality with complications such as moon phases, while the feminine Reverso adapts its iconic design to a more delicate style.

Jaeger Le Coultre Watch Ambassadors

Jaeger-LeCoultre has chosen several prominent personalities as its brand ambassadors. These ambassadors have the important role of representing and spreading the brand’s values and heritage. Among them is Lenny Kravitz, a renowned musician, singer, songwriter and actor, who stands out as a global ambassador for Jaeger-LeCoultre. Kravitz’s diverse career and influence in music and lifestyle resonate with the brand’s spirit of innovation and excellence.

Another ambassador is Anya Taylor-Joy, a highly acclaimed actress. Taylor-Joy and Kravitz have been featured together in Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new manifesto, highlighting the brand’s unique creativity. In addition, Nicholas Hoult, an actor known for his roles in film and television, joins as a global ambassador. Hoult has collaborated on the brand’s Autumn collection campaign, which celebrates values such as patience, humility, hard work and the continuous pursuit of excellence, principles essential to Jaeger-LeCoultre throughout its history.

These ambassadors symbolise Jaeger-LeCoultre’s commitment to excellence and innovation, reflecting its reputation as the creator of some of the world’s most exceptional timepieces.

Reasons to buy a Jaeger Le Coultre watch

Buying a Jaeger Le Coultre watch is a decision that is based on a number of exceptional characteristics that make this brand stand out in the world of luxury watchmaking. Firstly, exceptional craftsmanship is a hallmark signature of Jaeger Le Coultre, as each watch is created with meticulous attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship. In addition, all the components of their watches are manufactured in-house at their “Grand Maison” in Switzerland, allowing them to have total control over quality and innovation. Exceptional precision is another reason to consider a watch from this brand, as each movement is designed and assembled with the utmost precision.

The timeless design of Jaeger Le Coultre watches makes them stand out, as they change trends and their watches never go out of fashion. In addition, another of Jeager Le Coultre’s main qualities is their endurance, their watches can last for generations and continue to function without any problems.

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