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Panerai is a watchmaking company now part of the Richemont group that combines the spirit of Italian watchmaking tradition with the precision of Swiss haute horlogerie.

Panerai History

The history of Panerai began in 1860 with the opening of its first boutique in Florence by Giovanni Panerai. From its beginnings as a boutique, workshop and watchmaking school, Panerai established its reputation for the production of high quality timepieces, establishing itself as a benchmark in the city. During the first decades, the brand underwent several changes of location, finally settling in front of the Florence Cathedral, where it has remained an emblem of luxury watchmaking.

The firm’s development took a significant leap forward when it collaborated with the Italian Royal Navy, to which the Panerai family had previously supplied precision instruments. This collaboration led to the development of Radiomir in 1916, a radio-based compound that improved the visibility of the dials and instrument sights. Radiomir was not only a key technological breakthrough for Panerai, but also marked the beginning of several innovations that would define the brand’s history.

In the 1930s, Panerai intensified its relationship with the Italian navy, participating in the development of high-strength diving watches and tools. The 2533 and 6152/1 models, developed during this period, established the design and functional basis for future Panerai watches. In 1949, the company patented the use of Luminor, a new luminescent material that replaced radium, marking a new era in the brand’s history. Luminor, safer and with improved self-luminescence, gradually became synonymous with Panerai’s diver’s watches.

Panerai’s evolution continued in the post-war period, with the development of models incorporating technical and aesthetic improvements. Models from the 1950s and 1960s, such as the 6152/1, introduced changes in case and crown design, adapting to the needs of military divers while maintaining a focus on durability and functionality.

The turn of the millennium marked a turning point for Panerai. In 1997, the Richemont Group acquired the brand, extending its reach and prestige in the haute horlogerie market. The 2000s saw the launch of new in-house calibres and innovative movements, as well as the opening of its Manufacture in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, uniting Italian design with Swiss watchmaking tradition.

Panerai has excelled not only in technical innovation, but also in its adoption of novel materials and its commitment to sustainability. Models such as the Luminor Lab-Id Carbotech™ and the Submersible BMG-TECH™ reflect this philosophy, using advanced materials and promoting a more sustainable production approach.

Today, Panerai remains a benchmark in the watch industry, fusing its rich historical heritage with technological innovations and a commitment to sustainability and design excellence. Its evolution from a small boutique in Florence to a global player in fine watchmaking illustrates a story of perseverance, innovation and adaptation to changing times and technology.

Panerai watch collections


Panerai’Radiomir collection is an emblem in the history of Italian watchmaking, originating in 1936 for the Italian Navy. Its name, Radiomir, comes from the revolutionary luminescent material patented by Panerai in 1916, based on radium, which stood out for its visibility in low light conditions.

The Radiomir’s distinctive design has remained true to its roots over the years. Characterised by its cushion-shaped case and clear dial, the Radiomir employs a sandwich dial structure with two layers: an upper layer with milled numerals and indices and a lower layer coated with luminescent material, creating a unique depth effect. The cases range from 42 mm to 49 mm, typically in stainless steel, with variants in red gold or black ceramic.

The California dial, a mix of Roman and Arabic numerals, and the minimalist Radiomir S.L.C., with indexes instead of numerals, are some of the design variants. Panerai has enriched the collection with dials in colours such as green, blue and brown, highlighting models such as the Radiomir Venti and the Radiomir Eilean, which pay tribute to specific milestones and events.

In addition to its aesthetics, the Radiomir includes advanced functions such as small seconds, power reserve indicator and GMT function. The Radiomir Minute Repeater Tourbillon GMT, with its skeletonised P.2005/MR calibre visible through a sapphire crystal caseback, exemplifies Panerai’s technical and aesthetic mastery.


Panerai’s Luminor collection represents a significant evolution of the Radiomir model, retaining iconic elements while introducing key innovations. Both models share the cushion- shaped case and clear dial design, but the Luminor is primarily distinguished by its crown protection bridge, a feature designed to protect the crown from impact and ensure its sealing against water ingress.

The Luminor collection is characterised by its versatility in materials, predominantly stainless steel, but extending to options such as red gold, titanium and ceramic. In recent years, Panerai has innovated in the development of materials such as Goldtech and Platinumtech alloys, which are more resistant than conventional alloys, and Carbotech and Fibratech composites, based on carbon fibre and basalt, which offer superior resistance and remarkable lightness compared to steel.

In 2021, Panerai launched the Luminor Marina eSteel, marking a milestone with its recycled steel case, reflecting a focus on sustainability. This collection excels not only in design and materials, but also in functionality, offering a wide range of technical complications such as tourbillon, second time zone, flyback chronograph, perpetual calendar and equation of time. There are even models designed specifically for left-handers, with the crown located on the left side of the case.

The Luminor Base Logo represents the most basic model, while pieces such as the Luminor GMT Power Reserve and the Luminor 8 Days GMT offer additional functionalities. For collectors and aficionados of the most sophisticated complications, the Luminor L’Astronomo Tourbillon Moon Phase Equation of Time GMT is an example of Panerai’s watchmaking expertise, with multiple functions integrated into an exquisite design.

Panerai watches for men and women

Panerai watches, with their fusion of functionality and timeless design, are an excellent choice for men and women who value quality watchmaking. For men, the collection includes models with robust titanium cases and advanced functionalities such as flyback chronograph and regatta countdown, representing the perfect combination of endurance and technical sophistication.

On the other hand, for women who prefer watches with a touch of elegance and versatility, they will find it in models with stainless steel and polished aesthetics. Despite their robustness, these timepieces maintain a balance of smooth lines and refined design that complements a variety of styles, from smart to casual.

For both men and women, Panerai offers watches that stand out for their build quality and attention to detail. Manufacture calibres guarantee precision and reliability, while innovative materials such as Carbon offer lightness and resistance, suitable for everyday use and demanding situations. Panerai watches are a versatile and sophisticated choice for anyone looking for quality, durability and timeless design.

Panerai watch ambassadors

In 1996, Panerai gained further visibility with the attention of American actor Sylvester Stallone. Stallone, captivated by the design and quality of Panerai watches, commissioned an exclusive model for him to wear in the film “Panic in the Tunnel”. This event triggered a personalised series of watches known as Luminor Slytech, a nickname derived from Stallone’s name. This collaboration not only raised Panerai’s international profile, but also marked the beginning of its partnership with other celebrities, extending its influence beyond the traditional circles of watchmaking and sailing.

Recent collaborations include those with traveller Jeremy Jauncey in the wake of World Oceans Day and explorer Mike Horn.

Reasons to buy a Panerai watch

To own a Panerai watch is to immerse yourself in a rich and fascinating watchmaking history that dates back to 1860, when Giovanni Panerai opened his first boutique in Florence. Known for its close collaboration with the Italian Royal Navy and its contribution to the development of pioneering technologies such as Radiomir and Luminor, Panerai has forged a reputation based on precision, innovation and distinctive design. Originally conceived to meet the rigorous demands of the military, Panerai watches combine high functionality and performance with an unmistakable style that has attracted celebrities and collectors alike.

Panerai’s charm also lies in its transformation from military instruments to luxury watches. After being acquired by the Richemont group, the brand has strengthened its focus on innovation and development, manufacturing its own calibres and establishing itself as a cult brand in the world of watchmaking.

Ideal Joyeros, Authorised Panerai Watch retailer

Ideal Joyeros is an official Panerai dealer. We invite you to contact us with any questions about the availability of watches through our website. You can also visit or contact our boutiques in Tenerife.

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