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History of Rado

The history of Rado, a prestigious Swiss watch brand, is a tale of innovation and excellence. Founded in 1917 by brothers Fritz, Ernst and Werner Schlup, the company began in a modest workshop in Lengnau, Switzerland. From its beginnings, Schlup & Co. stood out for its ability to identify and capitalise on global opportunities.

After the Second World War, Rado emerged as a major manufacturer of watch movements, which laid the groundwork for the launch of its own brand in 1957. The Rado Green Horse, introduced that year, symbolised a new chapter in design and innovation, ushering in an era of watches with their own identity.

In 1962, Rado unveiled the DiaStar, the first scratch-resistant watch, setting a new industry standard. In the same year, the launch of the Captain Cook diver’s watch, with its distinctive moving anchor, cemented the brand’s reputation for innovative design.

The 1970s saw Rado’s experimentation with futuristic materials, giving life to iconic timepieces such as the Elegance and the Glissière. The 1980s saw the introduction of the Rado Anatom, known for its ergonomic design, and the Rado Integral, a pioneer in the use of high-tech ceramics.

The entry into the new millennium brought with it innovations such as the Rado V10K in 2002, the world’s toughest watch, and the elegant True Thinline. These creations underline Rado’s ability to fuse art and advanced technology.

Rado’s story is one of persistence and belief in its motto: “If we can imagine it, we can do it. And if we can do it, we will do it”, reflecting its ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in watchmaking.

Rado Watch Collections


Launched in 2012, Rado’HyperChrome collection has become an emblem of versatility and style in the world of watchmaking. Inspired by the brand’s classic models, the HyperChrome family is the epitome of everyday elegance, suitable for all occasions and designed to satisfy the most demanding tastes.

The series includes the HyperChrome Automatic Chronograph, a fusion of premium materials such as ceramic, plasma, stainless steel and leather. These timepieces not only stand out for their durability and sophistication, but also for their meticulously selected colour dials, offering a perfect choice for every personal style.

For those looking for a more sporty and dynamic design, the collection features the HyperChrome with quartz movement. This model is ideal for both formal events and everyday wear.

In the basic HyperChrome line, the automatic model is distinguished by the use of innovative materials and a robust, refined design. These watches combine functionality with impeccable style, satisfying the needs of the most practical users.

To add a touch of luxury, the collection includes the HyperChrome Diamonds, where high-tech ceramic meets sparkling diamonds. This model is a true reflection of sportiness and elegance, perfect for any occasion.

The HyperChrome collection offers elegant and sporty options in various sizes and designs, from the HyperChrome Automatic with high-tech ceramic cases to more sophisticated models such as the HyperChrome Automatic Diamonds, adorned with diamonds. These timepieces are not only a sign of Rado’s watchmaking excellence, but also a symbol of a modern, active lifestyle.


Rado’s Ceramica collection is an outstanding example of minimalist elegance in watchmaking, fusing geometric design with avant-garde materials. A milestone in Rado’s history, this series is distinguished by its rectangular case and bracelet made of high-tech glossy black ceramic.

What is remarkable is that these pieces appear to form a one-piece construction, a distinctive feature of minimalist design.

The original version from the 1990s, with its bracelet as wide as the case, was modernised by industrial designer Konstantin Grcic, who refined the bracelet of the current models. This redesign retained the essence of Ceramica, while adapting it to contemporary trends.

The introduction of automatic movements, in addition to the traditional quartz calibres, represented a significant step forward in Ceramica’s evolution. The collection offers a wide range of sizes for men and women and expands beyond classic black to include grey and white versions, making it even more versatile.

The Rado Ceramica is characterised by its lightness, scratch resistance and comfort. Since its launch in 1990, Rado Ceramica has been recognised with numerous international design awards and is one of the first watches in the world with a bracelet, crown and case made entirely of high-tech ceramic.

Its minimalist style has become a fundamental element of Rado’s design language. The case and bracelet of the Ceramica, with the same width and joined imperceptibly, form a continuous bracelet. The concept of “total black” extends to the dial of the watch, which stands out for its simplicity and absence of indices. Details such as the delicate hands and the symmetrical positions of the brand name and date provide an aesthetic and functional balance.

Rado watches for men and women

Rado watches for men often feature larger dials and robust designs, reflecting a sense of strength and durability. These watches often incorporate functions such as chronographs and tachymeters, ideal for those interested in precision and performance. Their designs range from sporty to sophisticated, adapting to different styles and occasions. Men’s models also feature a variety of materials, including stainless steel and titanium, providing options for both the modern professional and the adventurer.

In contrast, Rado watches for women are distinguished by their elegance and subtlety. With smaller cases and delicate details such as diamonds or intricate patterns, these watches are perfect for a refined, feminine look. The colour palette varies from classic shades to more vivid colours, offering a wide variety for different personal tastes.

Rado watch ambassadors

Rado’ambassadors are a diverse and talented group of personalities who embody the brand’s innovative spirit and commitment to excellence. These ambassadors, selected from different fields such as film, sport and the arts, reflect Rado’s versatility and unique style.

Among them, Katrina Kaif, the acclaimed Bollywood actress, stands out for her talent and versatility, representing the elegance and charisma that Rado values. On the other hand, South Korean actor Ji Chang-wook, known for his work in musical theatre and television, embodies the passion for unique design and special materials, a reflection of Rado’s innovative approach.

Jin Chen, with his elegance and artistic flair, and Hrithik Roshan, one of Bollywood’s most successful actors, are also brand ambassadors. Both bring their unique personalities and independent spirit, aligning perfectly with Rado’s values.

Reasons to buy a Rado watch

Rado watches are distinguished by their unique blend of innovative design and durable materials, such as scratch-resistant high-tech ceramic. This combination not only provides a modern and distinctive aesthetic, but also ensures the longevity of the watch. The precision of their movements, whether automatic or quartz, guarantees exceptional reliability, making a Rado a practical choice for everyday wear and special occasions.

Ideal Joyeros, authorised distributor of Rado watches

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