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Our true destiny awaits us.
More than just a token of success, our Tissot watch is a tribute to our journey, to the milestones we’ve left behind and those that lie ahead, each filled with decisions, experiences, and memories. Our story, our choices, shape our trajectory, reminding us that the most significant chapters are earned through time well spent. Regardless of the path we choose, our Tissot has been there, with us, every second of the way.
When everything demands our attention, let’s rise above the clamor, drown out the noise. With Tissot by our side, let’s always remember that we are focused on moving forward.

Tissot is a Swiss watch brand founded by Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son Charles-Émile Tissot. Since its inception, it has been characterised by innovation and quality in luxury watchmaking.

History of Tissot

The Tissot story begins in 1853, with Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son Charles-Émile Tissot. In 1925, Tissot faced financial difficulties as a result of the First World War and merged with the prestigious Omega company to create the SSIH watchmaking group in Geneva, under the leadership of Paul-Emile Brandt. Over the following decades, Tissot set significant milestones in the watchmaking industry, introducing the first anti-magnetic watch in 1930 and its first automatic watch in 1944.

In the 1960s, Tissot launched the iconic PRS model, inspired by the world of motor racing, and in 1971 introduced the first commercial watch with a plastic case, demonstrating its capacity for innovation and technological advancement in the watch industry.

However, in the 1970s, the Swiss watch industry was shaken by the crisis and Japanese competition, leading to a merger with the ASUAG group in 1983, under the subsequent control of Nicolas Hayek. This merger led to the creation of the successful company SMH, later renamed the Swatch Group in 1998. Throughout its rich history, Tissot has stood out for its innovative spirit, launching avant-garde watches such as the “T-Touch” touch crystal with functions such as compass, barometer, altimeter and chronograph, consolidating its position as a leader in the Swiss watch industry.

Tissot watch collections

Tissot’s watch collections cover different styles and functions, from classic and elegant watches to sporty and multifunctional timepieces. Some of their most popular collections are: T-Touch, T-Sport, T-Classic, T-Lady, T-Gold and Heritage. Each has its own personality and is tailored to the preferences and needs of each customer.


The Heritage collection pays tribute to the heritage of Swiss watchmaking. In a contemporary style that fuses the elegance of the past with a modern twist, the timepieces in this Tissot collection captivate both watch lovers and collectors who appreciate Swiss savoir faire.


In 1999, TISSOT marked a milestone in the watch industry by introducing the first touch watch. The T-Touch collection is a celebration of this technological innovation. These dynamic timepieces feature a touchscreen that serves as an interactive interface for a variety of functions.

Seastar 1000

Inspired by the world of diving, the Tissot Seastar 1000 combines style and performance in an exceptional way, without sacrificing design. This watch is designed to withstand depths of up to 300 metres (1000 feet) while maintaining its performance in extreme conditions. Elements such as the unidirectional bezel, diver’s safety buckle strap and luminescent hands make it the perfect choice for diving enthusiasts.


Swiss watchmaking tradition is at its finest in the Tissot T-Classic collection. Since 1853, Tissot has striven to deliver precision and quality in every detail, and this collection is a true reflection of that commitment. Discover timeless elegance and Swiss craftsmanship in every watch in this collection.


With a philosophy of “gold value for the price of silver”, Tissot’s T-gold watches add a touch of class to any collection. These watches are the perfect choice for those looking for a touch of luxury without breaking the bank.


Our T-lady collection is designed with the modern, stylish woman in mind who wants a watch that works for any occasion. These watches reflect current trends in colour, material and style, encapsulating a contemporary lifestyle.

Tissot watches for men and women

Among the Tissot collections we can find different watch designs, some with a masculine style and others more feminine.

Tissot watches for men come in a variety of designs, from round or oval to square or rectangular dials, with steel, leather or rubber straps. In the men’s models we can find functions such as chronograph, calendar or tachymeter. Some of the most outstanding models are the Tissot PRS 516, the Tissot Le Locle, the Tissot Seastar 1000 and the Tissot Couturier.

Tissot watches for women feature delicate and elegant designs, with dials of different sizes and colours, steel, leather or fabric straps, and functions such as date, moon phase or power reserve indicator. Some of its most outstanding models for women are the Tissot Flamingo, the Tissot Lovely and the Tissot Bella Ora.

Tissot Ambassadors

Tissot has renowned ambassadors such as Tony Parker, Liu Yifei, Deepika Padukone, Huang Xiaoming, Virat Kohli and Marc Marquez, who represent the brand’s excellence around the world.

Why buy a Tissot watch?

There are many reasons to buy a Tissot watch, but the main ones are: quality, design, innovation and prestige. Tissot watches are made of top-quality materials such as stainless steel, titanium, gold and sapphire. Their designs are attractive and adapt to current trends and the tastes of each customer.

Its innovations are constant and revolutionary, Tissot created the world’s first tactile watch, the Tissot T-Touch, launched in 1999. It also produced the world’s first solar-powered tactile watch, the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar, which was launched in 2014. Its prestige is recognised worldwide, being one of the oldest and most respected brands in the watchmaking sector.

Ideal Joyeros, Authorised Tissot Watch retailer

To purchase an authentic Tissot watch, it is essential to go to an official Tissot retailer.

When you choose Ideal Joyeros, an authorised Tissot dealer, to purchase a Tissot watch, you can be assured that you are purchasing an authentic Tissot watch. Our reputation and experience in the watchmaking industry stand behind the authenticity of every Tissot watch we offer.

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