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History of Ulysse Nardin

With more than 170 years of history, Ulysse Nardin has established itself as an undisputed benchmark in watchmaking innovation. Founded in 1846 by Ulysse Nardin, a skilled Swiss watchmaker, the brand quickly became known for its precision and reliability, especially in the field of navigation. Renowned for their exceptional precision, Ulysse Nardin’s marine chronometers became indispensable instruments for sailors and seafarers, solidifying its reputation in fine watchmaking.

Ulysse Nardin’s legacy is marked by a fusion of tradition and the avant-garde. This duality is reflected in its extensive collection, which ranges from classic watches in the Marine line to innovative designs such as the Diver and the revolutionary Freak. The company’s logo, an anchor, symbolises its deep connection to the sea, a constant in its history and design.

The Freak model, launched in 2001, is a paradigmatic example of Ulysse Nardin’s innovative capacity. It broke new ground by using silicon in its components, a first in watchmaking that offered benefits such as resistance to magnetism. Its unique design dispenses with the traditional dial, crown and hands, offering a novel way of winding and setting the time. This model symbolises Ulysse Nardin’s philosophy: combining traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology.

Another notable milestone is the 2017 Marine Regatta Chronograph, designed specifically for sailors, with a timer that can measure periods of up to 10 minutes. In the same year, Ulysse Nardin introduced the InnoVision 2, which includes 10 innovations, such as the highly efficient “Grinder” winding mechanism.

The 2018 Freak Vision, with its platinum and titanium case and silicon carousel mechanism, and the 2019 Freak X, in titanium with black DLC coating, continue this path of innovation. In 2021, celebrating its 175th anniversary, Ulysse Nardin launched the Marine Torpilleur Panda and the Diver Lemon Shark, both of which are limited editions and stand out for their sustainable design and materials.

From its beginnings to the present day, Ulysse Nardin has maintained a leading position in watchmaking through its commitment to innovation, quality and craftsmanship, masterfully fusing historical heritage with a vision for the future.

Ulysse Nardin Watch Collections


Ulysse Nardin’s Diver collection is a showcase of robustness and style for sports watch lovers. Designed for both men and women, the range includes diving models with remarkable water resistance, such as the Diver Deep Dive, which can withstand up to 1000 metres.

Reference 8163-175-7M/92 is a standout model with its classic design and matt black dial. Crafted in 42 mm stainless steel, this three-hand watch features a dial with luminescent indexes and a unique date display, along with the location of Ulysse Nardin’s headquarters in Le Locle. Internally, it is powered by the UN-816 calibre, guaranteeing a water resistance of 300 metres.

The Diver chronographs, with their 44 mm diameter and available in titanium and red gold, house the automatic calibre UN-150. These models are distinguished by their tricompax functionality and date, with aesthetic variations such as the black model with red accents.

For women, the Diver collection offers models with diamonds and different case and bracelet materials, combining elegance and sportiness. With a diameter of 39 mm and the automatic calibre UN-816, these watches emphasise femininity without sacrificing water resistance to 300 metres.


Ulysse Nardin’s Marine collection celebrates the brand’s maritime heritage with a wide range of timepieces that encapsulate both classic elegance and sporting dynamism. With varied sizes ranging from 42 to 44 mm in diameter, the collection offers options in steel and red gold, enriching its versatility with a diversity of functions.

The Marine Torpilleur, the most accessible model, features a 42 mm stainless steel case and a dark blue dial with a “sunray” effect. This model houses the automatic calibre UN-118, offering a small seconds and a power reserve of 60 hours. Available in several variants, including options with a steel bracelet or red gold case, this line adapts to a variety of tastes and preferences.

The Marine Torpilleur Panda, a limited edition launched in 2021, is particularly noteworthy. With a panda-design dial, this watch combines classic Marine aesthetics with a modern twist and is equipped with the same UN-118 calibre, ensuring high precision and a 60-hour power reserve.

The Marine Chronograph line offers chronographs in steel or red gold, all with a diameter of 43 mm. These models are fitted with the automatic calibre UN-153, which provides a tricompax arrangement and a power reserve of 52 hours. Design details such as “sunray” effects and luminescent indexes add a distinctive character to each variant.

For enthusiasts of precision and exclusivity, the Marine Tourbillon is ideal. These models feature a flying tourbillon and a 60-hour power reserve, available in steel or in more luxurious red gold variants.

Ulysse Nardin’s Marine collection is a tribute to its legacy as a maritime chronometer manufacturer, offering a masterful combination of functionality, precision and elegant design.

Ulysse Nardin Watch Ambassadors

Ulysse Nardin partners with a select range of ambassadors who embody the essence of the brand: audacity, exploration and commitment to conservation. These courageous individuals come from diverse fields, from exploration to art and sport.

One of the featured ambassadors is Børge Ousland, the intrepid Norwegian explorer. Børge has crossed both the Arctic and Antarctica solo, facing extreme challenges and natural hazards with determination.

Another prominent ambassador is Mike Coots, an advocate for marine conservation and legislation. Despite losing a leg in a shark attack, Mike turned his experience into a successful career as a marine predator champion and photographer.

The firm also currently counts freediver Fred Buyle and photographer Sebastian Copeland among its most prominent ambassadors.

Reasons to buy an Ulysse Nardin watch

Buying an Ulysse Nardin watch is a choice that transcends mere timekeeping. This iconic Swiss brand offers compelling reasons to choose it. Firstly, its rich heritage of over 170 years in the creation of maritime precision timepieces reflects a tradition of watchmaking excellence.

The variety of collections, from the elegant Marine models to the innovative Freak with tourbillon, provide options for every style and occasion. In addition, Ulysse Nardin’s partnership with intrepid explorers, sportsmen and artists underscores its commitment to adventure and innovation.

Exclusivity and attention to detail are inherent in every Ulysse Nardin watch, with high quality materials such as gold and diamonds used in some collections.

Ideal Joyeros, authorised Ulysse Nardin watch distributor

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