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Zenith Watches

ZENITH, with its fusion of modern aesthetics and the mastery of Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship, creates an impressive range of iconic timepieces. These timepieces are meticulously designed to complement the dynamic lifestyle and ambitions of modern consumers.

History of Zenith

The history of Zenith Watches, founded in 1860 by Georges-Favre Jacot, is a narrative of innovation and excellence in Swiss watchmaking. A visionary, Jacot rethought watchmaking by centralising the entire process under one roof, a pioneering practice at the time. By the end of the 19th century, Zenith had already expanded its international presence, excelling in key markets such as Russia, Europe, America and Asia.

In 1888, Jacot registered the term “PILOT“, marking the brand’s uniqueness in this respect. The manufacture reached a milestone with the development of the Zenith calibre in 1897, a movement that remained in production for almost half a century.

Collaboration with Art Nouveau masters and figures such as Le Corbusier in the early 20th century reflects his fusion of art and industry.

The 20th century saw Zenith establish itself as a leader in precision timekeeping, with the Calibre 135 in the 1950s winning back-to-back awards and setting new standards in the field. The calibre 5011K, launched in 1967, broke records in precision timekeeping. The revolution came in 1969 with El Primero, the world’s first high-frequency integrated automatic chronograph calibre, a response to the growing popularity of quartz watches.

The 1970s were critical; Charles Vermot saved El Primero from demise, securing its legacy. In the 1980s, demand for Swiss mechanical watches resurged, and Zenith responded with continued innovations in El Primero.

The merger with LVMH in 1999 marked a new era for Zenith. In the new millennium, Zenith continued with significant breakthroughs such as the El Primero Tourbillon in 2004 and the defiance of gravity with the “Zero G” mechanism in 2008. In 2017, they unveiled the DEFY El Primero 21, a high-frequency chronograph with a hundredths of a second indication.

Zenith has continued to innovate in the 21st century, consolidating its heritage and being ahead of its time, while celebrating its history with the Zenith Icons initiative and new models such as the Chronomaster Sport in 2021.

Zenith Watch Collections


In the Dafy collection, Zenith redefines the boundaries of modern watchmaking. Aimed at both men and women, this series is a manifestation of Zenith’s relentless pursuit of precision, fusing advanced movement technology with futuristic designs and materials. This collection not only celebrates Zenith’s history, but also points the way to a future where innovation is key.


The Chronomaster is an expression of Zenith’s mastery of high-frequency automatic chronograph movements. This collection celebrates more than half a century of unique design, ranging from precise replicas of its most iconic models from the 1960s and 1970s to advanced versions offering exceptional precision. It represents a link between the brand’s rich history and its constant evolution.


Zenith’s Pilot collection is a tribute to the pioneers of aviation, designed for those who seek to achieve their dreams without limits. This completely redesigned series combines the essence of Zenith’s classic pilot’s watches with a modern interpretation, capturing the essence of adventure and exploration.


Zenith’s Elite collection is a contemporary reinvention of its heritage in unisex watchmaking. With a focus on elegant minimalism, this series stands out for its distinctive graphic design and timeless proportions. The Elite Classic and Moonphase models are perfect examples of how Zenith adapts classic elegance to modern trends.


Zenith Icons is a unique collection of vintage Zenith watches, meticulously sourced, restored and certified by the brand itself. Organised into themed capsule collections, this line allows enthusiasts and collectors to own a piece of watchmaking history while ensuring the authenticity and quality of each piece.

Zenith watches for men and women

Zenith offers a wide variety of watches for both men and women, covering different styles and needs.

For men, Zenith presents watches with a pronounced masculine aesthetic, characterised by larger cases that stand out on the wrist. These watches are available in each of its collections, offering a diversity of styles ranging from classic to modern and sporty.

On the other hand, if you are looking for Zenith watches for women, the company has developed watches with a more delicate and feminine design. This is the case with the “Defy Midnight“, known for being the first Zenith watch designed entirely for women.

Zenith also offers unisex options, such as the “Elite” collection, which is characterised by its versatility and design that adapts to any gender. This collection is ideal for those looking for a watch that transcends gender barriers and can be worn comfortably by both men and women.

Zenith watch ambassadors

Zenith’s ambassadors are outstanding individuals in their respective fields, chosen to represent the brand‘s values and philosophy: the constant quest for perfection and the redefinition of precision. Among these ambassadors who embody the spirit of innovation and excellence that Zenith promotes are personalities such as:

Xiao Zhan, a versatile talent who has transitioned from singing to acting, embodies this spirit through his constant evolution and exploration of new frontiers. Aaron Rodgers, recognised as one of the NFL’s most highly rated quarterbacks and an American football legend, exemplifies reaching the top at the right time, a reflection of precision and performance at crucial moments.

Felipe Pantone, a Spanish-Argentine artist, has transcended from street graffiti to creating works in iconic spaces, standing out as one of the brightest figures in contemporary art. Carl Cox, an electronic music icon, has taken his unique vibe from the London Underground to the world’s biggest stages, resonating with millions.

Patrick Mouratoglou, known for his transition from aspiring tennis player to one of the most successful coaches in the world of tennis, reflects achievement and success in high performance sport. Finally, Airi Hatakeyama, a former Olympic rhythmic gymnast and now a prominent television personality in Japan, has achieved stardom in two different fields.

Reasons to buy a Zenith watch

Buying a Zenith watch means acquiring a piece of watchmaking history and innovation. Zenith, known for its pioneering breakthroughs, offers models such as the El Primero, recognised as the world’s first high-frequency automatic chronograph, a remarkable feat in the watch industry. The El Primero 21 model goes a step further, with two escapements and the ability to indicate hundredths of a second, representing a significant advance in chronograph precision and functionality.

In addition, Zenith offers chronographs in gold and models with double tourbillon, combining exceptional craftsmanship with complex mechanics, ideal for those seeking timepieces with exquisite design and mechanics. Another highlight is the Defy Zero G, which features the innovative “Gravity Control” technology, a system that defies the laws of gravity and improves the watch’s precision.

For aviation enthusiasts, Zenith presents its Pilot collection, which combines modern functionality with vintage design, capturing the essence of classic aviation. These timepieces are not only accessories that add to our style, but also precise and reliable instruments, ideal for modern adventurers and professionals.

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