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OMEGA, a brand that has left an indelible mark on the watchmaking industry for more than a century, has maintained an unwavering reputation for innovationprecision and style. Each OMEGA timepiece is a masterpiece of watchmaking, carefully designed and crafted to the highest standards of quality. Whether you are interested in a sports watch, a classic or a limited edition, OMEGA offers a wide range of models with different features to suit both tastes and needs.

History of OMEGA watches

The history of OMEGA, the prestigious watchmaker, dates back to 1848. At that time, a young man named Louis Brandt decided to set up a pocket watch assembly workshop in La Chaux- de-Fonds, Switzerland, in the Canton of Neuenburg. Working with several small local suppliers, Louis managed to sell his watches in different countries such as Italy, the United Kingdom and Scandinavia.

Over the years, the reputation of his small watchmaking company grew and the management passed into the hands of Brandt’s sons. They took the important step of starting to manufacture their own movements and moved the company’s headquarters to Biel in Canton Bern. It was not until 1903, when the third generation took over the leadership, that the name “OMEGA” was officially incorporated into the company.

The name “OMEGA” reflects the excellence and perfection of its timepieces. As well as being the last letter of the Greek alphabet, it symbolises completion and the pursuit of perfection.

In 1930, OMEGA entered into a partnership with Tissot to cope with the crisis caused by the First World War, without compromising its identity. OMEGA continued to serve the luxury watch market, while Tissot focused on the middle class. However, years later, both brands were affected by the advent of quartz technology in the watch market, which plunged the industry into crisis. This situation was only overcome in 1983 with the creation of the Swatch Group, to which OMEGA still belongs today.

OMEGA watch collections

OMEGA has different collections to suit different styles. At Ideal Joyeros you can find a large number of models within each collection. Let’s now take a look at some facts about the most popular OMEGA watch collections.


Since 1952, Constellation has been OMEGA’s symbol of unrivalled precision and beauty in watchmaking. Now the collection offers a completely revamped selection of models which retain its legendary aura, but at the same time feature numerous modern design elements and technical innovations.

De Ville

The De Ville Collection, OMEGA’s prestigious collection of Swiss-made timepieces, is a symbol of contemporary good taste. Renowned for its elegant design and master craftsmanship, the De Ville line presents a diverse array of models to satisfy even the most discerning tastes.


The OMEGA Seamaster is an icon among diver’s watches. It combines functionality with elegant design and the finest Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship. From the sleek and lightweight Aqua Terra to the striking and sporty Diver, each watch is equally at home in a suit or a maritime environment. The first Seamaster was launched 75 years ago.


For more than half a century, the OMEGA Speedmaster has been part of many great moments which have tested the limits of physical endurance and human daring. The Speedmaster watch, which has gone on to take part in all six lunar missions, perfectly embodies the brand’s pioneering and daring spirit.

OMEGA watches for men and women

OMEGA offers an exquisite selection for both men and women, all of which stand out for their elegance and precision. If you are looking for an OMEGA watch for women, we recommend you explore the SeamasterSpeedmasterConstellation and De Ville collections. Here you will find case options in steel, steel-gold, gold and ceramic. Bracelets vary between steel, gold, leather and rubber. The recommended sizes for women range from under 30 mm to over 42 mm, suitable for different tastes and styles.

For men’s watches, in the SeamasterSpeedmasterConstellation and De Ville collections you will find watches in steel, steel-gold, gold and titanium, with matching bracelets. Case sizes range from 35 mm to over 42 mm, catering to a variety of preferences. OMEGA’s quartz watches are renowned for their extreme precision, with variations of less than ±1 second per day.

Why buying an OMEGA watch is a good choice?

Buying an OMEGA watch means choosing distinction and quality backed by a history of excellence and renown since its founding in 1948. OMEGA has been creating high-quality timepieces since 1948 and has been the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games since 1932. In addition, its timepieces have been chosen by astronauts, including Buzz Aldrin during the moon landing in 1969, or by the iconic agent James Bond.

OMEGA offers a wide variety of collectionsinnovative materials and advanced technology, such as anti-magnetic movements and exceptional complications like the minute repeater and tourbillon, adding prestige to its timepieces which makes buying an OMEGA watch synonymous with investing in precisiondurability and a piece of the brand’s watchmaking history.

Ideal Joyeros, authorised OMEGA retailer

In the world of watchmaking, OMEGA is known for its quality and precision. However, due to its reputation and high value, it is important to ensure that you are purchasing an authentic OMEGA watch. To do this, it is essential to purchase through an authorised retailer who can guarantee the authenticity of the product.

At Ideal Joyeros, we are proud to be authorised dealers of OMEGA watches. This means that when you buy an OMEGA watch from one of our shops, you can rest assured that you are purchasing a 100% authentic product of the highest quality. We are committed to providing you with a safe and satisfying shopping experience, backed by the assurance that you are investing in an original OMEGA watch.

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