The world’s most valuable gemstones

When it comes to imagining the most valuable gemstone, the images that come to mind can vary considerably. Some may think of a brilliant-cut diamond, while others may think of other gemstones such as rubies or sapphires. There are even those who focus solely on carat size. However, the list of the most valuable gemstones can be surprising.

What is a gemstone?

The term “precious stone” is used to refer to minerals that are highly valued for their beauty and market demand. However, not all precious gems necessarily command a high price.

They all share two fundamental characteristics: they are exceptionally rare and have a natural origin. Although many gems can nowadays be created in a laboratory, these featured gemstones are exclusively of natural origin.

It should be noted that not all valuable gemstones are used in fine jewellery. Some of them are difficult to find in conventional jewellery. As in any industry, discoveries of new gemstones can alter the perception of what is considered valuable.

List of the 7 most sought-after precious gems

Gemstones are natural treasures that captivate with their beauty and value. In the world of jewellery, there are some gems that stand out for their high price and exclusivity. Among the most valued gemstones are diamonds, emeralds, rubies, opals, sapphires and emeralds. These gems are prized for their quality, rarity and exceptional appearance. The value of a gemstone is determined by different criteria, such as carat weight, colour, clarity and transparency.

Here is a list of the 7 most valuable gemstones in the world that will amaze you with their dazzling beauty.

The world's most valuable gemstones


Tanzanite is a gemstone of Tanzanian origin, known for its intense blue colour and transparency. It is mainly mined in an area of Tanzania of only 20 square kilometres. Its chemical composition includes chromium and vanadium, which determine its hue.

According to the Maasai culture, blue is a sacred colour and Tanzanite is linked to their traditions. It is a pleochroic gemstone, which means that it shows different colours depending on the angle of observation. It is recommended to avoid sudden changes in temperature to preserve its beauty.

Black opal

Black opal is a very valuable gemstone and is composed mainly of hydrated silicon dioxide. Its name is derived from the Latin, Greek and Sanskrit words meaning “to see a change in colour” and “precious stone“. It is found in various countries such as Australia, Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Japan, Mexico, Peru and the United States. Black opal shows vivid colours on a background ranging from dark grey to black.

Throughout history, this stone has been appreciated for its beauty and has been attributed properties in lithotherapy, such as stimulating creativity and protecting against negative energies. It has also been associated with benefits for emotional stability, the immune system and sleep quality. To maintain its energy, it is recommended to purify it with clear water and recharge it in the sun or moonlight for a few hours.

opalo negro
The world's most valuable gemstones


Musgravite is an extremely rare and valuable gemstone, worth seven times as much as diamond. It is used in jewellery and decoration because of its beautiful colour and lustre, and is also believed to have healing properties. It is one of the hardest stones in the world and its largest known cut weighs 27.56 carats.

Musgravite is found in South Australia, Antarctica, Greenland, Tanzania and Burma. Its value has increased considerably in recent years due to its rarity. In addition, it is used in crystal therapy to alleviate chronic ailments. Gem connoisseurs appreciate its great value and beauty.

Red beryl

Red beryl is an extremely rare mineral and belongs to the beryl family, along with emerald and aquamarine. Its name derives from the Greek and refers to the greenish blue colour of other members of the family. This mineral acquires its red colour due to manganese impurities in its chemical composition. It has specific physical and chemical properties, such as a hexagonal crystalline system and a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale.

It is widely used in the field of jewellery and as a collector’s item due to its extraordinary beauty and rarity. High quality specimens are highly prized and are usually kept in their natural state without being facetted. Its price significantly exceeds that of gold and it is found in a much smaller proportion compared to diamonds.

The world's most valuable gemstones
The world's most valuable gemstones


Alexandrite is a rare and precious gemstone named after Tsar Alexander II. It is a variety of chrysoberyl that is noted for its ability to change colour, influenced by the light source and the chromium present in its chemical composition. It has been mined mainly in Russia, Sri Lanka, India, Tanzania and Brazil.

Although the original source of extraction has been exhausted, Alexandrite is still appreciated for its colour change and trichroism, showing shades of green, red and yellow depending on the angle of observation. There is a special variety called cat’s eye alexandrite, which exhibits a light effect similar to a cat’s pupil. It is recommended to clean it with steam and to avoid the use of ultrasound.


Emerald, whose name derives from the Greek “smaragdos”, meaning “green stone”, is a variety of chrysoberyl. Its chemical composition includes chromium, vanadium and iron, which give it a wide range of green hues. Historically, Emerald mines in Egypt were important, but today Colombia is known for producing high quality Emeralds. Other countries where this gemstone is found include Zambia, Brazil, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia and Zimbabwe.

Emerald is prized for its characteristic inclusions and silky lustre, and is considered a symbol of fertility and reasoning. Care should be taken when cleaning it, avoiding the use of steam and ultrasound, and it is advisable to check if it requires periodic oil treatments.

The world's most valuable gemstones


Ruby, whose name comes from the Latin “ruber”, meaning “red”, is a variety of the mineral corundum. Its colour is due to the presence of chromium, and it can also contain iron. Rubies have been mined in different countries such as Sri Lanka, Burma, Afghanistan, Cambodia, India, Madagascar, Mozambique, among others.

They are considered rare and valuable gemstones, especially in shades of deep, pure red. They have visible inclusions and are dichroic, showing shades of purplish-red and orange-red. Ruby care includes normal cleaning, steam cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning, avoiding the use of solvents that may damage the gemstone.


Diamond, whose name comes from the Greek “Adamas”, meaning “indomitable”, is a carbon crystal composed of a single chemical element. Its compact atomic structure gives it exceptional hardness. Although colourless diamonds are the best known, there are coloured varieties such as fancy diamonds. Diamond mining has taken place in different regions of the world, with Africa being the main current source.

Conflict diamonds, illegally obtained to finance wars, have been the subject of international regulations to prevent their trade. Diamonds have a rich history, with mythical and esoteric powers attributed to them throughout time. Their dazzling brilliance, fire and play of light make them extraordinary gems. Diamond care involves regular cleaning, which can be done by traditional methods such as steam or ultrasonic cleaning.


Gemstones are natural treasures that have fascinated mankind throughout history. Each has its own unique characteristics, from the brilliance of the diamond to the intense colour of the ruby to the mysterious beauty of the emerald. These precious gems are prized for their beauty and rarity, becoming symbols of luxury and elegance.

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